TV Light Manifesto

Thanks for reading this and checking out the new (still very much under construction) website. My (pen) name is Colin. I have some experience blogging – particularly about tech and video games. I have been writing for the website covering awful retro video games for some time now. She is like a big sister blogger to me.

This site is sort of a culmination of all of my half-assed blog articles and ideas I’ve wanted to do but alone weren’t strong enough to stand on their own. So I figured I’d throw them all together and make an entire potpourri of useless shit.

At the start of this (4/25/21) I have only a few ideas about different subjects or articles. They will be as follows and are likely to change:

With the WHAT COULD HAVE MADDEN(ED) (what could have happened) section – we will chronicle different football franchise’s seasons in old madden games and compare them to what really happened that week/season ect.

I’ll try to stick with the worst team that particular Madden year. I will also post the introduction to each week’s game for some nostalgia feels. When I do cover the Madden games – I will jump between different years as to not constantly update the same team.

With THE ART OF WAR section I intend to write about the historical accuracy (or inaccuracies) of certain war/military games. If it is a fictional war we can look at the real life geopolitics of the time to gauge how likely an event like that could play out.

With SURVIVAL HORROR we will be on a mission to find the very best survival horror games of all time and I will be reviewing them and ranking them as we go.

I will also be doing MICRO REVIEWS of most games I play and will rank them along with their developers on a scale from 1-100%

So that’s the plan. Obviously there really isn’t much going on just yet because I still have to write the stuff.

I basically just wanted to create a website for my friends and I to hang out. Like roommates in a digital flat, leaving notes or dishes in the sink for one another. But I also love meeting others so if you’re reading this feel free to say hello and join the conversation.

Give me food, money, beer or kill me:

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Oh and also – music. Music is important to me. I have spent more than half of my life now writing or performing music in some capacity or another so I plan on sharing music both commercial and indie as I go.

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