Echo Night: Beyond

Year Released: 2004 

Developer: From Software

Publisher: Agetec 

System: PlayStation 2

Type of Horror: Survival/ Space Horror/ Avoid / First Person

Isolated or Mass Extinction Event?Isolated. 

Bad Ways To Die: Falling off the moon and drifting into space forever or cardiac arrest due to being scared to death. 

Other Notes:

It is the third game in the Echo Night series

Setting: The Moon / Space ~ Year 2044

Belligerents: Ghosts 

Main Character: Richard Osmund

Description: Richard finds himself alone after a commercial spacecraft he was traveling on with his newlywed, Claudia crashes on the moon. Armed with nothing but a flashlight he explores the space station in search of his wife. 

Weapon of choice: Nothing. Literally nothing. 


Atmosphere: 18/20

Controls: 8/20

Story: 12/20

Sound: 12/20

Graphics: 10/20


Ultimately it’s the controls that do Echo Night: Beyond in. The game’s atmosphere feels good but it’s almost too barren. Really walking (and sometimes slipping off) the tightrope between a really good sense of space and loneliness and just an unfinished game with not a lot to do. 

Typical Market Price: Currently starting at $65 on EBAY

Avoid those Moon Ghosts, Peeps!

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