The Thing

Year Released: 2002

Developer: Computer Artworks

Publisher: Konami

System(s): Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2

Type of Horror:Survival/Psychological/Gore

Isolated or Mass Extinction Event: Isolated

Bad ways to die: Die from Antarctic exposure. Be consumed and ripped apart by the thing. Have a team mate lose his mind and murder you. 

Other notes:

Set as a sequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 film, The Thing.

There was a sequel planned but was cancelled when developer, Computer Artworks went into receivership.

Setting: Antarctica

Belligerents: Aliens

Main Character:

J.F. Blake (Army Captain)

Blake is an accomplished Army captain who leads a search and rescue team to investigate a missing army squad. He is fluent in Norwegian which the game makes note of several more times than necessary.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Blake has an entire arsenal at his disposal but the most important weapon above all is the flamethrower as the enemies are most vulnerable to heat.


Atmosphere: 20/20

Story: 20/20

Controls: 14/20

Sound: 20/20

Graphics: 14/20

Overall: (88%) (SILVER)

Give me food, money, beer or kill me:

11 responses to “The Thing”

  1. I need to track down this game, I love John Carpenter’s The Thing . It’s one of my all time favorite horror movies .

    1. I’m ashamed to say I have yet to see the actual movie. 😑😅

      1. It’s an amazing movie , has nice suspense, effects , and a feeling of unease. It still holds up even today . The 2011 sequel was okay but just lacked the original’s wrongness that was so great.

      2. The 80’s just killed it horror movie wise. I will definitely see it soon.

      3. Yup ! I still need to find The Howling as well . One of my favorite Werewolf movies .

      4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a good werewolf movie 😂

        You are much more an expert than me lol

      5. I only like a few . Mainly Silver Bullet and The Howling . I wasn’t that big a fan of An American Werewolf in london even though thats the one most people like.

      6. Was that the one with Bush in the soundtrack? I remember that being badass. But I was also like ten 😂

      7. I don’t remember Bush but it had Gary Busy in it .

      8. Lmao I was wrong. I was thinking of An American Werewolf in Paris. 1997. Killer
        Soundtrack. Don’t really remember the movie though.

  2. […] and compared to Resident Evil 4. But in hind sight this game feels much more like a tribute to The Thing than anything. It also was knocked for its short completion time (around six hours) which is why I […]

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