WCHM- MADDEN 2002 – Week 1

Carolina Panthers Vs Minnesota Vikings.

2001 was a rough year for the Carolina Panthers and I doubt many Panthers fans are too excited to relive it any time soon but here we are.

Coming off a 7-9 performance during their 2000 campaign- they would drop to 1-15 in 2001. Coach George Seifert was entering his third and subsequently final year as head coach with the squad.

In “What Could Have Madden(ed) we will take the lowest rated teams in each Madden and see what we can do to reshape their seasons or regardless of Free Agency and Trades watch the inevitable happen: Watch the worst teams in the NFL at the time remain the worst NFL teams in the digital arena.

Every once in awhile I will pick a random year and begin a franchise with the worst default roster in the game. I will update from week to week on league news and transactions I have made. I am only allowed to participate in the amount of games the actual team won that year. In this case the Panthers went 1-15 – so I can only play 1 of the 16 games.

On top of that I will be posting the introduction to game’s and the other teams Depth Charts as we go for that wholesome sports nostalgia some fans (me) crave.

The initial skilled player depth chart for the Carolina Panthers looked like this:


Jeff Lewis/ Chris Weinke (Rookie)


Tim Biakabutuka/ Richard Huntley

FB (Since those were a thing in the early 2000’s) : Chris Hetherington

WR: Mushin Muhammad / Don Hayes / Patrick Jeffers / Issac Byrd / Karl Hankton **

TE: Wesley Walls / Kris Mangum

* Inexplicably future hall of fame WR Steve Smith is omitted from this game*


First Week Moves


(QB) Jeff Lewis (69)

(WR) Karl Hankton (48)


(QB) Trent Dilfer (74) via FA

(WR) Andre Reed (71) via FA

(MLB) Bryan Cox (80) via FA


Week 1 @ Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have a strong offense. Daunte Culpepper is coming off a great year (and this years Madden Cover Athlete) – the Vikings also have the tandem of Cris Carter and Randy Moss at wideout with a rookie Michael Bennet Running back.


After a low scoring affair Carolina wins 14-10.

In real life during the 2001 season Carolina would beat Minnesota 24-13 BUT IT WOULD BE THERE ONLY WIN OF THE SEASON.

Will the digital Panthers suffer the same fate? we will have to see. Thanks for reading. Until next time. Oh and by the way – this one game was one I played – leaving the 2001’Carolina Panther’s fate to the Madden simulation Gods. Until next time – may your heart forever score touchdowns.- CS

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