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Friends: The One With All The Trivia

One of the sadder nights of my gaming life.

“Hey check this out. I’ve got something for you” says Nick. A long time friend of mine and fellow band mate. We had just finished band practice preparing for our upcoming recording. Practice which is at his house is always a physically satisfying affair and as I wipe off a sweaty brow he leads me to the southern wall of the basement.

Shelves lined up from the floor to the ceiling tiles with VHS, DVDs and books. Between the musical equipment and the physical media I have always felt right at home here.

“Alright, where did I put it?” He asks himself while scanning the large shelves of DVDs. I scan through his collection myself out of habit – be it records or movies – learning some ones library has always been one of the most fun ways to learn something new about someone.

“Here it is” he says with a dvd case in hand. “I figured you could use it for your blog”

(The term “my blog” here was used pretty loosely. He knew that I write about bad games at A website I know most of my reader base knows already considering I met most of you through Paradise – thank you for reading, by the way!)

In his hand was something I had never seen before and never knew existed.

“Thanks, man. I appreciate it.”

He beamed with delight knowing my love for all crappy games and my particular weakness for licensed games.

That night as I was driving home I looked at it sitting in my passenger seat. What a nice gesture and as I arrived home to the family already asleep I went upstairs and placed the disc in the tray.

As the screen went dark before the iconic “PlayStation 2” logo flashed on the screen I caught a reflection of myself in the television. Before I could think much about it The Friends theme was blaring in my headphones. Showing the iconic opening sequence of all of the characters playing in the fountain.

I began having serious doubts but I thought ya know what? Screw it. I loved the show. I saw the whole series. I’ll just plow through a couple trivia questions and be on my way.

But that’s not what happened.

Upon beginning the game – which is super clearly setup for multiplayer/group gaming. Already self conscious I had to select solo play – acknowledging a truth both myself and the game already knew: No I don’t have many friends and no I certainly don’t have any on hand right now.

The game design is simple. It shows the apartment building the friends share. It is six windows wide. For every correct answer one window lights up. For every wrong answer one window darkens. All you have to do it get six questions right. Along the way the actors who played Janice and Gunther encourage you or tease you depending on your answer.

AN HOUR AND AND A HALF LATER I finally had answered six consecutive questions correctly. At this point in time completely sad, annoyed by Janice’s voice and now made completely aware that I don’t know shit about Friends. After answering all of the questions correctly it automatically end and shows the same opening montage. I turned the system off and looked at my reflection on the TV once again. Listening to the silence of the room.

Not only did I feel lonely but I felt dumb too. Thanks for nothing, Friends: The One With All The Trivia.

Only for fanatics of the show or people with friends themselves, two categories I am painfully aware I am not apart of.


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