Records You Should Listen To Before You Perish Vol. 2

Leave me alone
I won’t pick up the phone
And I won’t listen to messages
Sent by someone who calls up and says

I don’t like how you’re living my life
Get yourself a wife
Get yourself a job
You’re living a dream
Don’t you be a slob”

Our Second record recommendation to listen to before you eventually die, turn into worm food and your soul goes to heaven or Pluto or whatever you believe is Weezer’s last full good album. Their fourth release, Maladroit.

Even though it’s basically impossible to say definitively – if I absolutely had to choose one favorite band of all time – listened to the most of consistently through just about all of my life then I’d have to probably say it would be Weezer.

Even though they generally just break my heart these days – I still give them a chance and sometimes they still surprise me. Regardless, even if I have my reservations about their latter releases I loved them enough to include them in a massive event in my life.

My wife (girlfriend at the time) and I took an entire weekend — a long road trip and a stay at the shittiest motel on earth to go see Weezer. In that same crappy motel I proposed to her. It was a great weekend.

Maladroit was the group’s fourth record and their final album before a monumental change in chief songwriter, Rivers Cuomo’s, “song writing formula”

It’s much rawer than their more popular Blue and Green albums and finally showcase Cuomo’s love for metal music. The recording was paid for solely by the group as they were in a massive dispute with their recording label at the time.

Also – always innovative and fan friendly – the band opened up a private message board and shared the studio’s mp3 takes with fans of the band and listened to their input. Even adding the track, “Slob” due to fans love for the song.

Year Released: 2002

Record Label: Geffen

Genre: Power Pop/ Pop Rock



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  1. Great post Colin! You and your wife a beautiful life story.

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