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Cold Winter

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In my quest to briefly review and grade everything I play or do – I present to you you the 2005 spy thriller, Cold Winter.

Year Released: 2005

Developer: Swordfish Studios

Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games

System(s): PlayStation 2

Type of First Person Shooter: Spy

Problem protagonist is preventing: Some maniac that somehow reaches the conclusion that the only way for people to not use nuclear weapons is to use nuclear weapons…on them.

Other notes:

Plot was written by well known comic book writer, Warren Ellis.

Starts off in: China

Ends up in: Your typical secret base in the Himalayan Mountains

Protagonist: Disavowed Mi6 secret agent, Andrew Sterling

Sterling is caught spying by the Chinese, arrested and tortured. Mi6 cooks his employment record not to risk a international incident but a friend saves your ass. Of course that leads to them needing a favor from you but what else can you really do? Get a job at 7/11? Like where would the guy go? He doesn’t *TECHNICALLY* exist.


Badass-ness: 14/20

Story: 14/20

Controls: 12/20

Sound: 12/20

Graphics: 16/20

Overall: (68%)

An a-little-above-average first person shooter worth a purchase at a discount price

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