Records You Should Listen To Before You Perish Vol. 4

Silence is not the way
We need to talk about it
If heaven is on the way
We’ll wrap the world around it
If heaven is on the way
If heaven is on the way
. I’m a stranger in this town

I’m not as ancient as I make myself seem but it’s hard not to feel old with the rate technology has advanced in the past thirty years. So in the dial-up days (which my family could never afford but a well-off Aunt could) when I did get a chance to use this magical internet thing it was generally wasted on message boards. More specifically Bush message boards. I was a regular on every Bush message board I could find.

Well past what most people would consider their era of being message-board “worthy”. Even well into the 21st century with affordable DSL and landlines. So there are probably going to be more Bush records than you might think *deserve* to be on this list of music of absolutely no consequence. But I’m okay with letting my musical integrity die on Rossdale hill.

And chances are if you DO think these records deserve to be on this list than there is probably a good chance we have already interacted years and year ago on one of those Bush message boards. So, good to see you made it to 2021.

Moving along.

This largely forgotten third album by Bush captures the perfect balance between their experimental side and arena sized sound.

Officially following their sophomore effort, Razorblade Suitcase the band release arguably their strongest record not titled, “Sixteen Stone”.

Rossdale’s lyrics while always ambiguous seemed to take on an almost science fiction theme with bleak dystopian views of the future. Disease and death permeate through his word salad poetry. Finding his stride in one of the most sincere songs of his career on the third single off of the album, “Letting The Cables Sleep”. Which happens to be a song about a friend contracting HIV.

With buzz saw guitar distortion and drum loops interspersed throughout the record it is certainly a snapshot of its radio time but carefully crafted with a veteran songwriting bravado and a confidence of a group in their commercial prime.

Year Released: 1999

Record Label: Trauma

Genre: Hard Rock



Disagree? That’s cool. Let me know if you have any recommendations or suggestions. :

2 thoughts on “Records You Should Listen To Before You Perish Vol. 4

  1. That was a good one. Razorblade Suitcase was the one we all had as kids, for some reason. But “Letting the Cables Sleep” was such a beautiful song 🙂

    1. It really is such a touching song. It is still one of my favorite songs of all time. Razorblade was a great record too. I loved all of their original releases before they came back and are doing whatever they are doing now. 😂

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