Records You Should Listen To Before You Perish Vol. 5

“A human smoke that fills the air
What can you believe?
That is the question
I have you on a string
Something yet up my sleeve
(My love is but a lie)
Always reaping what I have sown
(Taking you down with me)
To what degrees you’ll never know”

There are few bands that I have seen 5+ times live and for all of my absolute love for the No Doubt, Smash Mouth and Alien Ant Farm records in my collection my friends laugh at me about – some would probably be surprised one of my 5+ live show bands is the ferocious, Black Dahlia Murder.

Miasma is a blistering 34 minutes of bone saw guitars and machine gun blast beats. On their sophomore album the group hone their surgical precision with the subtlety of a nuclear blast. Driving wall-of-sound triplets accented by hellish screams by front man, Trevor Strnad.

Melodic and even beautiful guitar solos over back breaking rhythms the lyrics are generally sarcastic, self aware roll-your-eyes twisted with little dark truths strewn throughout. Some of their strongest material is based on their rise to fame and their failure to properly cope with success.

All in all, Miasma is a work of art. A bludgeoning masterpiece that will take you on a ride if your bold enough to get aboard.

Year Released: 2005

Record Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Melodic Death



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4 thoughts on “Records You Should Listen To Before You Perish Vol. 5

  1. Not really my cup of tea, this music is! I can appreciate Metal Covers of pop music like Jonathan Young but that’s about how much Metal I am able to take! I used to enjoy it more but now for some reason it just makes me feel anxious and horrible! Still good to hear that these guys apparantly are quite good! Everything needs a loving fan!

    1. It’s definitely not for everyone. 😂

      You wouldn’t have been much of a fan of some of my earlier bands I don’t think. 😅

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