Fugitive Hunter

In my quest to briefly review and grade everything I play or do – I present to you a truly awful entry, Fugitive Hunter.

Year Released: 2003

Developer: Black Ops Entertainment

Publisher: Encore Software

System(s): PlayStation 2 / Windows

Type of First Person Shooter: Arcade

Problem protagonist is preventing: International terrorists being free and generally doing what terrorists do.

Other notes:

Atari was going to originally publish this title but wisely dropped it.

The PAL version of the game includes Saddam Hussein

The PAL version is also titled, America’s 10 Most Wanted and has different cover art.

Starts off in: With the exception of the “prologue” – Miami, FL

Ends up in: Afghanistan/Pakistan border

Protagonist: Jake Seaver

Jake Seaver is apart of a highly elite, super secret government squad named the CIFR. Which is stands for CRIMINAL INTERDICTION AND FUGITIVE RECOVERY TASK FORCE. You would think that would be CIAFRTF or at the very least CIFRF but alas nothing about this game makes much sense.

Anyways it’s not really important because his character sucks. The game sucks. It’s not fun. It’s borderline racist and it’s just fucking stupid.


Badassery: 0/20

Story: 2/20

Controls: 10/20

Graphics: 6/20

Sound: 12/20

Overall: (30%)

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7 responses to “Fugitive Hunter”

  1. Good lord this game looks bad. 🙄

    1. It’s historically bad 😂

  2. Hunting down fugitives sounds like such a fun premise. How did they manage to mess it up??

    1. The best part of the game is fist fighting Osama Bin Laden. But for some reason he’s insanely talented at martial arts.

      1. LoL Yikes.

      2. Yikes… is .. right. 😅

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