Medal of Honor: Frontline

In my quest to briefly review and grade everything I play or do – I present to you the 2002 WW2 classic, Medal of Honor: Frontline.

Year Released: 2002

Developer: EA Los Angeles

Publisher: EA Games

System(s): PlayStation 2 / GameCube / Xbox

Type of First Person Shooter: Military/War

Problem protagonist is preventing: Specifically stopping the Nazi’s from developing the real life prototype bomber, Horten H.IX.

Other notes:

This game stars Lt James Patterson a member of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) He was also the protagonist in the first Medal of Honor

Starts off in: (D-Day) Normandy, France

Ends up in: Nazi Germany

Protagonist: Lt Jimmy Patterson


Basically the war’s luckiest soldier who nearly single handily aids the allies to victory by infiltrating and sabotaging everything German on Earth.

Historical Accuracy: 16/20

Story: 18/20

Controls: 19/20

Sound: 20/20

Graphics: 17/20

Overall: (90%) (GOLD)

The now legendary D-Day invasion that everyone who played still recounts begins an engaging, addicting and incredibly fun shooting experience. A must have for all ps2 collectors.

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  1. I remember one of the mission where you have to distract one of the soldier by dropping a glass of beer until a fight breaks out. Still one of the classic one.

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