Conflict: Desert Storm

In my quest to briefly review and grade everything I play or do – I present to you the surprisingly playable, Conflict: Desert Storm.

Year Released: 2002

Developer: Pivotal Games

Publisher: Gotham Games

System(s): PlayStation 2 / GameCube / Xbox / Windows / Mobile

Type of Third Person Game: Military/Tactical

Problem protagonist is preventing: Just like the real Gulf War in 1991 – A US led coalition is retaliating against Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces occupying Kuwait.

Other notes:

Conflict: Desert Storm is the first game in the series.

Starts off in: Kuwait/Iraqi Border

Ends up in: Baghdad, Iraq

Protagonists: Your choice between American or British led coalition forces.

All in all Conflict: Desert Storm would be an unremarkable game if it didn’t feature such an ignored military conflict. The tactical aspect doesn’t hold a candle to the Socom series but if you can stomach the eye rolling chest pounding towards the end it’s a pretty entertaining and insightful affair.


Historical Accuracy: 11/20

Story: 16/20

Controls: 15/20

Sound: 15/20

Graphics: 13/20

Overall: (70%)

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  1. You are a brave man to be asked to be killed on the internet!
    I am not sure if Kofi will help against being killed though! I think in South Park the Stick of Truth it does… or was it a Taco that revives you?!

    1. I think I was way more at risk of being killed when I did a whole three piece expose’ on a hidden Incel blog. They were really, really pissed off 😂

      1. Aww I missed that one! But I bet they were pissed off xD Glad to see yo uare still doing fine!

      2. I use that line because I don’t know how
        to do the cool “coding” like you do on paradise 😂

      3. Aside from your masterful coding it’s nice to have you in these parts. Maybe you’re just trying to butter me up for more songs!😝😝

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