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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

In my quest to briefly review and grade everything I play or do – I present to you a personal favorite, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.

Year Released: 2002 (For PlayStation 2)

Developer: Red Storm Entertainment

Publisher: Ubi Soft

System(s): PlayStation 2 / GameCube / Xbox / Windows / MAC OS

Type of First Person Shooter: Military/Tactical

Problem protagonist is preventing: Those Damn Russians from taking over all of Eastern Europe again.

Other notes:

The only Tom Clancy series to NOT actually be based on any of his works.

Starts off in: Russian/Georgian Border

Ends up in: Moscow, Russia

Protagonists: The Ghosts. An ultra elite military faction of specialists and snipers.

Ghost Recon is a fantastic blend of first person shooter and military strategy. You get assigned two teams which you can freely switch between to perform separate mission objectives or flush out entrenched enemies. The AI is pretty reckless and dumb but it’s easy to forgive given how fun the game is.


Likelihood of plot happening: it did 20/20

Story: 16/20

Controls: 14/20

Sound: 15/20

Graphics: 10/20

Overall: (75%)

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