Records You Should Listen To Before You Perish Vol. 7

“I’m feeling the sea beneath me, beneath you
White sand beneath my feet
No brain between my ears
I’m feeling the sea beneath you, beneath me
I know that if I had one
I’d spare us both these years”

The criminally underrated Californian’s sophomore release that broke them through to the mainstream.

Formed in 1996 in Riverside, Alien Ant Farm independently released their debut album, Greatest Hits before being signed to DreamWorks records. Blending Nu-Metal with Alternative Rock and pop set them apart from many of their brooding contemporaries.

With the release of, Anthology the group’s songwriting approach seemed to mature as drummer Mike Cosgrove’s rhythms and percussion expanded into more Afro-Caribbean time signatures and grooves. Dryden Mitchell’s lyrics began to mature – and the band as a whole despite a little ways off from their even more refined follow up, Truant – were showing massive promise.

Infectious, catchy and even mosh worthy at times Anthology has stood the test of time much better than most albums of its day lumping the songwriters into a smarter more refined class of Alternative metal a la Perfect Circle or Deftones.

Year Released: 2001

Record Label: DreamWorks

Genre: Nu-Metal / Alternative Rock



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2 responses to “Records You Should Listen To Before You Perish Vol. 7”

  1. I’ve not ventured too much outside of Smooth Criminal and Movies, but I’ll have to give their other songs a try 🙂

    1. There follow up album, Truant has even more Latin percussion and grooves sprinkled throughout. I know you’re more of a K-Pop girl but you were feeling that hot sauce song 😂

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