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Hey there – how ya doing? Thanks for clicking this article. How is your day going? Good, I hope. You drinking enough water? Are you hungry? Stressed? Stuck at work? Use this moment to drop what you’re doing and go get yourself a snack. Screw work. You’re important but you won’t be missed for five minutes. Go relax. Sit in the bathroom and stare at the ceiling. Or read this since you are anyways.

Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way I just wanted to say thanks for being here. This little website is still less than two months old but the insane amount of support, encouragement, nice comments, advice and pats on the tush from much better bloggers I’ve received has been borderline staggering.

While it’s true I just love updating this little nerd database the comments, conversations and feedback makes it even more enjoyable.

So what’s super sweet is the stats you get access to on the WordPress sites (which you probably are familiar with if you are reading this) in less than two months I’ve had close to 750 views which I know is pretty small compared to most but not bad for a new site. And being a massive fan of the planet we live on and the different types of people on it I especially get excited to see readers from different countries.

Earth is cool.

I do have some questions about China however. Just by some reading I’ve done on state surveillance, the great firewall of China and the country’s special relationship with Chinese Google equivalent- Baidu I highly doubt I’m getting any real Chinese readership. Probably much more likely some sort of Baidu bot indexing sites to ban or block. BUT I’d love to be wrong and if somehow you are a Chinese reader please feel free to reach out to me and tell me how wrong I am. I’d be the first one to admit I am not Chinese and I have no idea what being a Chinese internet user is like. But I would love to know.

Moving on.

I believe the site has been setup for a couple different spinning plates that will all eventually reclaim my attention and will be wrapped over the course of the summer. I plan on hopefully upgrading the gaming capture hardware I do have and making more gameplay oriented videos as well as the demo/main screen videos I already include.

I’m also excited because soon I intend to do a Buffalo Retro first! Extensive coverage on a classic PlayStation 1 action series that begins with an “S”. It’ll be the first game I’ve ever covered not for the ps2 – so theres that.

I also plan on adding a new category called, “Are You Going To Finish That?” which will revolve on finishing more game trilogies/collections and looking at the series as a whole.

All in all should be some cool stuff. And ofcourse I will continually be celebrating great records and adding to the Review Guide

Thanks for reading and hanging out with me. Now – you should probably go back to work before they start asking about where you are. – CS

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