Records You Should Listen to Before You Perish Vol. 9

“And we’ll be like a tree and we’ll grow on
And if the world should end with fires and bombs
I’d like to be there holding hands”

Canadian punk rock from the B.C. formed in 1993, Gob would go on to win a Juno for “best band” seven years later. Right on the heels of their best effort and most successful album both commercially and critically.

The World According to Gob is pure pop punk magic. Paving the way for later Canadian co-horts and Pop Punk phenoms, Sum 41.

The album is ripe with infectious and blistering speed, with lyrics delivered by a sneering Tom Thacker but aside from their undeniable mega ear worm, “I hear You Calling” the band is at its actual best with heavy distortion and Thacker’s more thoughtful minor key deliveries.

Is it Radiohead? No

Is it a product of its time? Definitely.

Is it fun and infectious? Absolutely.

(Just try to listen to, “I Hear You Calling” and not whistle it the rest of the day.)

Year released: 2000

Genre: Pop Punk / Alternative

Record Label: Nettwerk America

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