Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)

Year Released: 2005

Developer: Quantic Dream

Publisher: Atari


Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Xbox 360
PlayStation 4

Type of Horror: Interactive Drama / Pyschological / Supernatural

Isolated or Mass Extinction Event? Mass

Bad Ways To Die: Consumed alive or crushed by strange digital mites, shot and killed by police, Blown out your apartment window to your death, Take a TV to the dome during one of the main character’s several psychotic delusions.

Other Notes:

Originally titled, Fahrenheit it was renamed to Indigo Prophecy in North America to avoid confusion with recently released documentary titled, Fahrenheit 9/11. A point of severe contention between Atari and writer, David Cage.

Sex scenes were omitted from the North American versions because us, Americans are fine with watching ridiculously violent material as long as we don’t see a penis or a woman’s breast. 🙄

The second Quantic Dream release following The Nomad Soul for Windows and Dreamcast

Setting: New York, New York

Belligerents: Well… the storyline gets a little insane. So I guess ultimately you could say the main bad guys is a secret society similar to the Illuminati called, The Orange Clan. They also use centuries old Mayan rituals. So I guess the Mayans are to blame as well.

Main Character: Lucus Kane

Description: Racked with guilt and paranoia from committing murder while possessed- the strange circumstances and events are just the beginning for Lucas. A fugitive from the police and prone to nightmarish hallucinations his body seems to be undergoing changes as well when he discovers he is not all of a sudden proficient at Martial Arts but can basically pull off some Matrix type shit.

Weapon of choice: Just his mitts.


Atmosphere: 20/20

Gameplay/Controls: 14/20

Story: 18/20

Sound: 18/20*

Graphics: 19/20

Overall: (89%) (Silver)

Don’t take a tv to the dome piece, peeps!

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4 responses to “Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)”

  1. No square pixelated boobs for North Americans! 😆 We can’t have nice things. Honestly, this games sounds really cool. I like the premise. I also didn’t think I’d feel nostalgia over that old school video game look/aesthetic, but I’m loving it!

    1. we ruin everything 😂 😂 The premise is cool even though the story really goes off the deep end. The most fun aspect of the game is you get to be both fugitive and detectives. So you’ll hide evidence but it won’t necessarily show you where and you’ll go to the same spot as the police officer and know what you’re looking for but not exactly know where it is.

      I think you’d like it because it does focus a lot on little investigation and procedural crime stuff. ☺️

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