Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm

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Year Released: 2004

Developer: Red Storm Entertainment 

Publisher: Ubi Soft

System(s): PlayStation 2 / Nokia N-Gage

Type of First Person Shooter: Military/Tactical

Problem protagonist is preventing: In Island Thunder your main objective is to secure free democratic elections in Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro. In the follow up mission, Jungle Storm you are eliminating a Colombian Cartel that was bankrolling an illegitimate candidate trying to seize control in Cuba.

Other notes:

Acts as an expansion pack for the original Ghost Recon. Two campaigns- Island Thunder set in Cuba and Jungle Storm which takes place in Colombia.

Starts off in: Cuba

Ends up in: Colombia

Protagonists: The Ghosts. An ultra elite military faction of specialists and snipers. 

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm is a fantastic blend of first person shooter and military strategy much like it’s predecessor. You get assigned two teams which you can freely switch between to perform separate mission objectives or flush out entrenched enemies. The AI is improved from the original Ghost Recon but it is still pretty laughable compared to some of its competitors at the time (Socom, COD, Medal of Honor etc). The game offers a voice command option that I haven’t utilized and for some reason they complicated the switching team members mechanic but once you settle in it’s easy to overlook. Overall a super enjoyable experience if you’re into military strategy. An absolute must if you enjoyed the original Ghost Recon.


Badass-ness: 20/20

Story: 16/20

Controls: 12/20

Sound: 16/20

Graphics: 14/20

Overall: (78%)

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