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The Gaming Blews – July 2021

Let’s quickly discuss the most pathetic thing you will see in the video game world this month.

Some rich dick bought Mario 64 for 1.5 Million

A 9.8 rated sealed copy of the Mario 64. The same Mario 64 that sold over 12 million copies.

The same Mario 64 you can buy for $30 on Amazon.

I mean… it is $30 without it’s box and manual and plastic wrap. But it’s the same Mario. The same game.


That is double the amount that an ultra rare copy of The Legend of Zelda went for just days ago.

Who are these people? Am I just a hater? Yes, probably. But this gaming bubble has been bad for everyone that ya know, doesn’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on games that aren’t even rare.

You could buy a small island with that amount of dough. Or buy the apartment from Friends. You can hire a private jet to fly you over a volcano that you should absolutely jump into because you just spent 1.5 million dollars on a video game.

But I digress, maybe this absurd spending spree will help burst the gaming bubble faster and that million dollar Mario game will be worth as much as my copy of Trigger Man I want to dip in gold and immortalize.

Am I being too harsh? What would you do with a million five? Let me know.

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