The Gaming Blews – July 2021

Let’s quickly discuss the most pathetic thing you will see in the video game world this month.

Some rich dick bought Mario 64 for 1.5 Million

A 9.8 rated sealed copy of the Mario 64. The same Mario 64 that sold over 12 million copies.

The same Mario 64 you can buy for $30 on Amazon.

I mean… it is $30 without it’s box and manual and plastic wrap. But it’s the same Mario. The same game.


That is double the amount that an ultra rare copy of The Legend of Zelda went for just days ago.

Who are these people? Am I just a hater? Yes, probably. But this gaming bubble has been bad for everyone that ya know, doesn’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on games that aren’t even rare.

You could buy a small island with that amount of dough. Or buy the apartment from Friends. You can hire a private jet to fly you over a volcano that you should absolutely jump into because you just spent 1.5 million dollars on a video game.

But I digress, maybe this absurd spending spree will help burst the gaming bubble faster and that million dollar Mario game will be worth as much as my copy of Trigger Man I want to dip in gold and immortalize.

Am I being too harsh? What would you do with a million five? Let me know.

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20 thoughts on “The Gaming Blews – July 2021

  1. I just saw this on a youtube video . Geeze . I know even at my local comic shop some of the old ps1, Sega and Nintendo games go for $$. No wonder people use emulators to play some of these games .

    1. There are a bunch of used gaming stores in my area too and most of them are total bullshit. They won’t haggle with you no matter how long a game has been sitting on their shelf collecting dust for like $300. It’s so stupid. They would rather not sell anything than realize that just because that’s how much a game is saying it is on eBay it doesn’t mean it’s actually worth that. No one wants to work with people and move merchandise right now and it’s pretty stupid. Five years ago ps2 and ps1 games were being given away lol

      1. Yeah I remember that even Game Stop didn’t want Ps1 and 2 games . Now it’s hard to find copies of Metal Gear Solid and a few other games . I really wanted to jail break the ps vita to play some of those games but .. Sony made it so impossible to do so . Only the PSP is jail broken atm.

      2. I’ve seen a few before on IG for like $80. I want to say I’ve seen loaded Vitas. If I stumble across anything like that again I’ll send it over

      3. Alrighty ! Yeah , I’ve tried a few things with it but , no luck hacking it . Which is sad since there wasn’t that many games on the vita to begin with. I have Persona 4 golden , Capcom vs Marvel and Final Fantasy X and X2 as far as physical games for it .

      4. I love the Vita so much. They gave up on it too quick. It helped me quit smoking. I just played FF on my smoke breaks at work instead of going outside. It gave me something to look forward to rather than dread just sitting there wanting a cigarette 😂

      5. Yeah , playing FF is definitely healthier ! I do wish they would’ve tried to bring more games to it . I really wanted to play GTA San Andreas on the Vita . It seems like it would’ve been awesome . I tried playing San Andreas on my ipad but the controls were so wonky.

      6. Yeah SA would have been the perfect fit for the vita. I don’t know the whole story with the vita tbh. It’s treated like the bastard step child but i thought it was pretty powerful and underutilized 🤷🏻‍♂️lol

        I also play twenty year old .99 cent video games every day so I’m not an authority on anything 😂

      7. Tbh I’m pretty casual with my game play too . I take my time , and I like stuff that holds my attention . But I also like good stories too .
        And agreed about the vita . Poor thing was so misunderstood .

  2. You are absolutely correct in your evaluation. It’s just crazy to see these news.
    We see a lot these days, after a super rich can buy everything he needs to live a good life, he makes any regular stuff overvalued and buys.

    1. Very true! It’s nonsense. Collectors markets get high jacked by these rich assholes that don’t even enjoy the games – it’s just a quick way to turn a profit from an able community.

      It’s only annoying now but wait til it’s our water supply 😳

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