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In celebration of the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die, being released October 8th 2021 let’s take a look at the different entries during the golden age of Bond video games on the PlayStation 2.

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Title: Everything or Nothing

Genre: Third Person Action/Adventure

Released: February 17th 2004

Platforms: Xbox / Ps2 / GameCube/ Gameboy Advance

Developed: EA / Griptonite Games

Published: EA

~ Everything or Nothing would be Pierce Brosnan’s last time playing the role of James Bond coming out two years after his final film, Die Another Day.

~ The game was penned by screenwriter Bruce Feirsteinwho wrote the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies and co-scripted the Bond films GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough. (Bond Wiki)

~ Everything or Nothing marks the first time EA would hire top talent to model and voice act for a James Bond game. Acquiring, Pierce Brosnan, Willem Dafoe, Dame Judi Dench, Shannon Elizabeth, Heidi Klum and John Cleese.

Who Plays Bond?

Brosnan as Bond in Everything or Nothing

Finally the real deal Brosnan experience as he provides his likeness as well as his voice for the game. It seems insignificant but it really does help immerse players into the plot much easier with an authentic Bond voicing the role.

Bond Girl(s)?

Dr. Katya Nadanova

EA upped their budget in a big way casting for EoN. Dr. Katya Nadanova is a Russian scientist who specializes in nanotechnology and aids her boyfriend villain, Nikolai Diavalo. Early on Mi6 erroneously believes Nadanova is being kidnapped by terrorists in which Bond rescues her only to be betrayed later on. Katya is portrayed by German model, Heidi Klum.

Mya Starling

Adding to its all star cast is singer/actress Mya who also performs the god awful theme song, “Everything or Nothing”. Mya plays Mya Starling an American NSA agent who has infiltrated a nefarious nightclub associated with Nikolai Diavola. After aiding Bond with information and the whereabouts of Diavola she is caught in the crossfire and Bond is tasked with saving her.

Serena St. Germaine

Portrayed by actress and former model, Shannon Elizabeth, Serena St. Germaine is a civilian geologist who was special agent 003’s last known contact in Peru. When 003 goes missing Bond finds St. Germaine who aids him in his hunt for Diavolo.

Bond Villain

Nikolai Diavolo

Rounding out the all star cast is Nikolai Diavolo – portrayed by the always perfectly-over-the-top Willem Dafoe. Diavolo’s plot to take over the world is an interesting one.

Firstly, he is ex KGB and reportedly SO vicious and cruel even the KGB tried to eliminate him. From there he went on to be a large industrialist where he teams up with Dr. Katya Nananova to harness the power of nano technology. Turning these peaceful machines into weapons of mass destruction.

He formulates a plan to have them eat through every type of metal but platinum. Where he’s monopolized all of the platinum mines in Peru to help build his “platinum army” To be honest the plan is sort of dumb. But nevertheless, he obviously has to be stopped.

This is by far the most polished Bond release up to this point in the franchise. It’s significantly better than both Agent Under Fire and Nightfire. The third person perspective works seamlessly for Bond opening up the possibility for smooth transitions between gunplay and melee.

The game also features a “Bond Sense” A sixth sense type feature that Bond can do normal things like change his weapons/gadgets while time slows and even can examine the environment quickly to target any combustibles that will help him out of trickier situations. It’s the first game that makes you feel like you actually do have a mental advantage over your enemies due to the fact you’re the world renowned spy.

With an absolute star studded cast, unbelievably smooth gameplay and driving and your typical high end Bond soundtrack this is a must have for Bond and PlayStation 2 fans alike.

Overall: 90% (GOLD)

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