The Gaming Blews – October 2021

How many polite requests from gaming companies to stop sending death threats will it take?

In a wave of news that is, unfortunately, about as common as mass shootings in America nowadays, Blue Box Game Studios, an indie gaming company that is working on an upcoming project titled, Abandoned had to release a statement yesterday (10/17/21) reminding the rest of the world that they are indeed actual human beings that should be treated with some level of respect and at the very least, please stop threatening their lives.

Especially not over a fucking video game.

Via Twitter

“The last few day’s have been difficult.” Explains the statement. “Death threats are increasing online but unfortunately also physically and this has to stop”.

This stemming from basically a made up situation where some fucking dorks decided to make up their own alternative reality and suggest that video game legend, Hideo Kojima was actually behind the “fake front” company, Blue Box and the project they were working on titled, Abandoned was actually a new Silent Hill game.

Which is devoid of all logic in the first place. Kojima who worked for Konami (who owns the rights to all Silent Hill intellectual property) was mysteriously dismissed years ago in a particularly ugly falling out.

So here’s this for a business plan:

“Hey guy, that we had a massive public falling out with who fucking hates us. Make your own company and we’ll give you one of our most coveted franchises for free. Oh, by the way – we’re still going to keep your beloved life’s work and let other writers absolutely shit all over it!”

So months ago after completely debunking the Kojima rumors – the death threats began only escalating to a now physical level once these low life pieces of trash realized that, Abandoned wasn’t the next chapter of the Silent Hill series.

What kind of fucking loser do you have to be to makeup incredibly stupid fucking stories and then double down with death threats when you’re proven wrong time and time again.

Only in the gaming world could someone be so fucking ignorant and socially inept. I mean, imagine trying that in the real world? Like believing a pizza parlor in Washington DC was some sort of sex trafficking hub for elite politicians and then once you’re proven wrong you go shoot the place up.

Remember the good ole days when it was the violence and fantasy of video games that was blamed for acts of absolute lunacy in the real world?

Give me food, money, beer or kill me:

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  1. WOW!!!!! 👍🏻❤☀️

  2. The blue box conspiracy is one of the absolute biggest shitshows I’ve ever seen in relation to gaming. These weasels spent so long spinning themselves up I’m not surprised they went full degen the moment they were proven wrong. I will admit I had some fun laughing at this prior to the completely unnecessary threats.

    1. Perfectly put. Just 1000% dumb 😂

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