City Crisis

A helicopter game made by a group of people who seemingly have never even seen a helicopter function before.

If you hate someone. Stop what you’re doing and search “City Crisis PS2” on Amazon. Then – go buy one of the BILLIONS of copies available and send it to your enemies’ address. Upon arrival, they may think it was an accident or maybe even a gift. Surely, if they do make the mistake of playing the game it’ll be one of the last things they ever do. After an hour or so of gameplay they’ll be sure to leap from their high rise apartment window. Or maybe just start hitting their head against a wall until eventually they’ve lost so much blood it all fades to black.

It’s impossible to tell how many copies of City Crisis were actually unleashed on the public but thankfully, not enough to actually create a real city crisis. I can only imagine that if hundreds of thousands of people raced to the store to buy this game the day it came out there would have been deadly riots in the streets only hours later.

Graphics that will make you want to blow your head off

I have been told by a reliable source that, of all people, Germans absolutely love helicopter and farming games. My father in-law is off the boat German and has never mentioned his love for either. But certainly, if he loves this game than he is deeply ashamed and would never want to show such poor judgement to his son-in-law. Any fans of City Crisis are surely too ashamed to come forward. As they should be.

Developed by Syscom Entertainment which has disappeared off the face of the Earth (probably due to overwhelming shame) and published by giants Take-Two Interactive.

The game was released on July 17th 2001. Meaning it also shares a birthday with someone inexplicably popular in Germany as well. Yes, you immediately know who I’m about to drag into this. The Hoff was born on July 17th. He single handily tore down the Berlin Wall brick by brick with songs of rescuing babes from maritime disaster and personally woo-ed the Soviets back into loving a capitalist system (kind of). That’s what they teach American school children at least!

Looking sharp, Hoff. (can someone please photoshop my head on to this beautiful body?)

So if the Hoff is pure good than naturally the Universe would balance itself out and create City Crisis. The only game that has ever made me want to build my own helicopter and dive into its propellers head first.

In the game, you are immediately thrust into the cockpit of a helicopter named after incredibly lame animals to name a helicopter after. Helicopters are named: Dolphin, Lobster and Goldfish.

“Sir! The skyscraper you’re in is burning! We’ve come to save you!!”

“Oh, thank God for you, heroes! Thank you so much!”

(*Begins to notice that the rescue helicopter is named GOLDFISH and has the fish painted on the Helicopter tail*)

“Ya know what? I’m good, actually! Go rescue someone else. I’ll just take my chances. Thanks.”

Not to mention there is something seriously wrong in this game universe. The constant burning buildings is not nearly as big as an issue that needs to be addressed compared to whatever fictional country they have pissed off. In one flying/rescue segment it’s not unusual for seven to eight different buildings to just randomly explode on opposite ends of the city within a few minutes of one another. Are we at war? Is this The Blitz? Faulty gas lines? What the fuck is actually going on around here?

Play this game with your girl (or guy) and you’re sure to get it like this guy.

Or is it that the graphics of this fictional city are just so poor the citizens themselves have just had enough and are destroying their own city in a desperate cry for help? We may never know. But the Helicopter Rescue Budget for the city has to be through the roof. I’m not sure how they could afford much else. 

Speaking of affording things you can find this game for like $2.50 on eBay. And some asshole is even trying to sell it for $71.00. Don’t pay either of those prices. Just don’t buy this game, sweet Germans, you all deserve better helicopter games.

This firefighting adventure never leaves the ground. Overall: 49%

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  1. This review made me laugh a lot. This was great.

    1. Thank you so much for reading it lol

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