This Day in Gaming: December 14th

Celebrating a select title that was released on this day.

Hey everybody, look! Its a new segment! A new reason for me to flood your WordPress Reading list and try to connect with you.

I’ll keep it short, I promise.


On this day in 2000 – the legendary vehicular combat franchise, Carmageddon, released its third entry, Carmageddon TDR 2000.

Developed by Torus Games (2015 Disney Developer of the year) and Published by Xicat Interactive (Gothic) the game was met with mixed reviews upon release.


It effectively ended the franchise’s run until, Carmageddon Reincarnation would be released fifteen years later.

I, personally spent a ton of time with the first three Carmageddon games as they were introduced to me from my uncle from Ukraine. He was a big PC guy in those days and introduced me to a lot of cool games. I will always have a soft sport for the series. Do you remember the Carmageddon series?

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