Records You Should Listen to Before You Perish Vol. 14

Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head

“He said, I’m gonna buy a gun and start a war
If you can tell me something worth fighting for
Oh, and I’m gonna buy this place is what I said
Blame it upon a rush of blood to the head”

Absolutely obliterating the “sophomore slump” so many bands with huge debut albums suffer from, Coldplay raised the bar to astronomical heights with their second effort, “A Rush of Blood to the Head.”

A far cry from whatever pop vomit they perform as now it was thrilling to watch the transformation from shy guy indie rockers to absolute powerhouse songwriters. The timidness of lead singer, Chris Martin, found in their debut album, Parachutes, completely shed. A new found confidence and charm glowing throughout.


A Rush of Blood to the Head plays like a greatest hits album. There are more hooks on this one album than Oasis dreamt about in an entire career (EVEN IF “The Scientist” and Oasis’, “Don’t Look Back in Anger” start with identically 😬) The lyrics, the storytelling, the musicianship is all world class. The perfect snapshot of a band at the top of its game in full stride.

Songs You Definitely Have Heard

“In My Place”

“The Scientist”


“God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”

Songs You Need To Hear

“Warning Sign”

“A Rush of Blood to the Head”

Artist: Coldplay

Album: A Rush of Blood to the Head

Genre: Adult Alternative

Record Label: Parlaphone / Capitol

Released: August 26th 2002

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  1. I love Coldplay! ❤ Great songs selection! 🎵

    1. Thank you, Filipa! ❤️

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