Celebrating the music behind one of gamings most beloved soundtracks.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’s Soundtrack ushers in a new generation of skate punks.

Dead Kennedys

“Police Truck” from their album, “Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death

Perhaps the most contested song on the entire soundtrack is, Dead Kennedys, “Police Truck”. The Dead Kennedys were a pivotal force in the punk scene in the late 70’s as they released four records between 1978 and 1986. Since their disbandment in-fighting between group members has been the norm especially between lead singer, Jello Biafra and lead guitarist, East Bay Ray, both punk icons in their own right. The group currently tours without Biafra but has not released new material since 86’.


“Vilified” from their album, “Superabsorbent”

LA based alternative rock band, Evenrude has been embraced by the extreme sports scene since the late 90’s. They have released two albums and an EP – their latest album, Bump and Uglies came out in 2000 and was self released.

The Ernies

“Here & Now” from their album, “Meson Ray”

Ska band, The Ernies formed in 1994 in Richmond, Virginia releasing two albums on an indie label before signing to Mojo Records which out out their third and final album, Meson Ray. Their song, “Here & Now” has been featured in a ton of ads, movie trailers and video games since. They would disband in 2001 only to come together for a brief reunion in 2013.


“Superman” from their album, “Hang-Ups”

A band that has managed to stave off obscurity for close to two decades now , Goldfinger was considered a forerunner of third wave ska movement throughout the 90’s. In 2006, Alternative Press nominated their self-titled debut as one of the top ten albums that shaped, 1996.


“Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” from their album, “Sailing the Seas of Cheese”

Perhaps the most commercially successful bands on the soundtrack, Primus also happens to be the most bizarre. Impossible to ignore, these weirdos formed in Sobrante, California in 1984. A massive influence on most rock bands in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Primus is the only band that has its own ID3 genre tag, as introduced by Winamp; Primus. You have to be pretty different to get your own genre.


“Screamer (Nothing to Me)” from their album, “REO Speedealer”

Originally named, R.E.O. Speedealer, the group had to shorten their moniker after being served a seize and desist by the original R.E.O. Speedwagon. Formed in 1992 in Texas, Speedealer performed 309 shows in a single year to self promote after their original record label went bankrupt in 1999. Their efforts would pay off as they were signed by Palm Records the following year.

Suicidal Tendencies

“Cyco Vision” from their album,“Freedumb”

One of the first Hardcore Punk bands to ever get a video featured on MTV (“Institutionalized”) Suicidal Tendencies is a legendary thrash band who is often cited as one of the, “fathers of crossover-thrash). Formed in 1980 in Venice, California – Suicidal Tendencies still performs to this day.

The Vandals

“Euro Barge” from their album, “Hitler bad, Vandals good”

The group that has gifted the world, Josh Freese. The Vandals formed in Orange County, California in 1980. They have about one hundred ex band members, they sue each other daily and refuse to split up.


“Committed” from their album, “Occupational Hazard”

Noise rock trio, Unsane have been at it since 1988. With a three year break from 2000-2003 the group has spent the past three decades as a leading light and influence on noise rock bands. With their style touching upon hardcore and metal they have developed a steady cult following spanning all alternative genres throughout their careers.

Suicide Machines

“New Girl” from their album, “Destruction by Definition

Formed in Detroit under the moniker, Jack Kevorkian and The Suicide Machines, Jason Navarro and co has had quite a few peaks and valleys throughout their career. From ska to flirting with rock radio and even venomous political hardcore throughout the Bush administration throughout the break up and reformation, the Machines have been as hostile and uncompromising as ever.

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