Shadow Net Series 2: Like the Wind

The internet pulls its hair out trying to figure out who wrote the, “Most Mysterious Song on The Internet”

The Police, The Payolas and Simple Minds are some of my favorite groups from the eighties. Drenched in the sounds of “Deet-Doot” synthesizers, bottomless tom-toms, and bad boy baritones, love it or hate it, the decade had a sound all its own.

And for every Sting and Phil Collins of the era there were at least a million artists who never quite broke through – and even superstars of the time that have since disappeared (Adam Ant, anyone?) but never… quite like this.

“The mystery of the unidentified song gained viral popularity in 2019 when a Brazilian teenager named Gabriel da Silva Vieira began searching for evidence of its origin. He stated that he became interested in the song when he was informed about it by Nicolas Zuniga of the Spanish record label Dead Wax Records. Gabriel uploaded a clip of the song to YouTube(audio sourced from Lydia’s SpiritOfRadio posts) and to many Reddit music subreddits.”


Of course wild explanations and theories sprung from this unclaimed song. Suggestions that it is proof we are living in a parallel dimension or a “glitch-in-the-Matrix” type scenario. Not unlike the random subtle changes cited as the, “Mandela Effect”.

With heavy synth lines and a catchy chorus it sounds strangely familiar. Like an ear worm you just can’t place. A song without a title or an artist. Something you’ve heard before but just can’t put your finger on. A soundtrack to a dream forgotten.

Internet sleuths on Reddit have dug deep (VERY deep) into finding this tune’s origins but all have come up short thus far. Will this song ever find a home? Or shall it remain the soundtrack for the dark corners of the internet forever?

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