Shadow Net Series 3: Songs About Jane

Originally nicknamed, “Chip-Chan” Park Je-An or Jane (as she prefers to be called) has been streaming her life 24/7 since 1999. 

Ironically, with this much exposure you would think we would know everything about the young Korean but in all actuality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Park Je-An has been under house arrest for over twenty one years but no one knows exactly why. She has given several reasons over the past two decades as to why or what her situation is but none have necessarily felt very… plausible. Communicating through written messages on poster boards in her native Korean she has made some wild claims. 

Originally discovered by users in a 4Chan webcam page, she has posted various blogs and even responds to mail from viewers. These blogs are where a large degree of information and speculation about her situation have grown and morphed into internet legend. 


Among those claims, she has stated that she is under strict supervision by a local police officer referred to only as, “P”. This bogeyman has allegedly planted a kind of mind-control device in her head that when activated can make her fall unconscious if she is to leave her apartment. She also has a tracking device located in her foot. 

Despite all of this, she has been known to occasionally venture out of her home and even has moved to different places over the years. But her often unkempt appearance, skin rashes and recluse lifestyle is cause for concern for many across the internet. From people visiting her, calling the police on her behalf and white knights gallantly filling the pages of subreddits planning daring rescues from her phantom captors. 

As of late her blogs and wordpress (all in Korean) have grown quiet. She doesn’t stream as often and may have moved on with her life. It’s been speculated by many that this could all be an elaborate art project or maybe Jane is just sick and needs professional help. Maybe she’s received that help. Maybe she has finally eluded the clutch of her captors and threats, be it real or imagined. One can only hope. 

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