Shadow Net Series 4: Because Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People

Around 2006 a strange web page appears without much rhyme or reason.

Let me preface this entry: I LOVE old websites. Old, abandoned sites that have fell victim to the dot com bubble burst and the sands of time. They just excite me, like walking through an abandoned warehouse, ghosts of busy machines and lunch breaks whirling in the back of our consciousness just beyond the edge of hearing. With all that said, here is a mysterious little site:

Its a bit bizarre. A collage of Arnold Schwarzenegger photoshopped in drag mixed with animals and anime. A large quote (largely attributed to democratic political consultant, Paul Begula) shouting from the rooftops, “WASHINGTON IS HOLLYWOOD FOR THE UGLY” It’s probably pretty sensible to imagine this is politically motivated. With hidden, “Enter” buttons scattered across the artwork that lead you deeper into this political, pop culture madness.

Finding the humor in Arnie photoshopped into heels and recognizing the quote, I was intrigued. Who was this mysterious artist? Well, fortunately for me I had a ridiculously good lead. Upon arriving at this web page you are greeted with a pop up:

So I took our phantom artist up on his offer and typed the address into the web bar. There I stood, at the foot of the ruins which once was called home by so many millennials in the kid past. The sad wasteland that has become Myspace. Kenneth Hung’s profile was still there. But, it was pretty much a dead end. A snapshot of a guy from 15 years ago. He was from New York and much more handsome than Rupert Murdoch (sorry, Rupe) but that was about it.

So it was on to Google and to absolutely no ones surprise, including my own – there are a lot of notable Kenneth Hungs in the world. Especially in New York. Another dead end. Maybe some things just aren’t meant to be found. Maybe I should just get a life and stop stalking some guy over a joke webpage, he published fourteen years ago? All of these things are true. But, I am stubborn and like wasting my own time. So, I decided to go to the website one last time, for anymore clues. What I found would blow the whole case wide open.

Which sounds way more dramatic than it should. I noticed a copyright in tiny letters traveling down the side of the pictures. Copyright 2006 to Kenneth Tin Kin Hung. I immediately googled his full name and wah-lah.

Kenneth is an award winning Chinese-American artist and his work is pretty fucking awesome. I highly suggest visiting his site: and checking out his art. It’s very stylish and cool. So with that said – mystery solved. A trailblazing artist using his craft in a new digital world, as the real political weapon it’s always been intended to be.

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4 thoughts on “Shadow Net Series 4: Because Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People

  1. I thought myspace was just for music. I had met people who said they put their music there. But why haven’t they updated it and made it more usable? Maybe they don’t care about having a lot of users now?

    1. There was a time long ago that MySpace was much more than just for music. It was much more of a social network like Facebook. I’m not really sure why they haven’t taken care of it. It was bought and kind of destroyed by Facebook and now I don’t think many use it if at all.

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