Final Fantasy February (2/11/22)

FFX reveal in EGM magazine September 2001

7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy February (2/11/22)

    1. EGM was the highlight of my high school experience. 😂 I always read, Seanbaby’s bad game columns first. Just funny it took me a couple of decades to start writing about games. It was just a fun, environment to feel involved in. Even just as a reader. Using dial up to go on the website and tell one of the writers you think they were wrong and they’d light you up. It was amazing 😂

    2. Also I liked your Genshin article! I had been expecting one on Genshin for like a year now. 😂

      If you ever are interested and want to do a guest post on here let me know! I’d love to hear your take on anything. ☺️

      1. Sorry my browser for wordpress has been messing up my reply’s . And yes Sean Baby’s stuff was classic . I loved his stuff on Cracked online ! Some of the funniest stuff ever . Read Man Comics and Punchmaster . Hilarious!

      2. Also thanks ! I thought the Ganyu Banner would be a good time to blog about Genshin . I do have more to post for Genshin , but getting all the videos and pictures from last year and this will be a thing lol. The game is still releasing new events and regions , oh and characters too !

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