Shadow Net Series 5: Bringers of the Dawn or How I learned How To Become A Reptilian

Uncovering a vast network of websites full of literature and pictures railing against our reptilian overloads and offering free advice for salvation. is an interesting site. It seems to exist in its own universe somewhere between Scientology, Science Fiction and hardcore Christian fundamentalism. Originally a Czech site there is a fuck ton of information to sort through here. It could really keep you going for weeks. Between the extensive website lists that lead you to some truly head scratching artwork to full manuscripts and books available for free this is an extensive hub for UFO religion.

The website seems very focused on Ashtar Sheran. Ashtar Sheran seems to have been born (or contacted) in 1952 by famous ufologist, George Van Tassel. Tassel claimed Ashtar was an advanced extraterrestrial and could communicate with him via telepathy. Van Tassel formed one of the first UFO religions with the “Ministry Of Universal Wisdom”. Through this channel he communicated that, Ashtar Sheran and his intergalactic space enforcement, were going to rescue his believers from this planet and free them of their reptile-like overlords that have enslaved human beings. 

Enter stage right, Ivo A Benda – founder of the “Universe People” – another UFO religion that has seemed to take many of Van Tassel’s teachings and put the pedal to the metal. 

“Ivo A. Benda began his public activities in the middle of the 1990s. He has organized more than 180 lectures, visited by more than 12,000 people (according to his own words). In 1997 he published the book Rozhovory s poučením od mých přátel z vesmíru (Interviews With Instructions From My Friends From the Universe).[4] At the beginning of the 2000s he managed to penetrate the mass media, he appeared in the Nova TVand in the Czech Television (Czech state broadcasting channel). Some of the visitors of his public lectures considered his speeches as a perfect mystification or joke, however, psychiatrists labelled his performances as a bizarre psychotic delusion. From 1998 to 2000, the ideology of the Universe People was close to sectarianism, with a central idea of coming cosmic catastrophe and evacuation of people to another planet. However, their later efforts moved to defence against the attacks of negative extraterrestrial beings, called saurians or lizard people (in Czechještírci).” (1)

Many critics of the movement consider both Benda and his followers to be mentally ill and/or cultists. The group is known for their over the top propoganda all over the internet and interjection of popular culture references into their theories as well. A la calling bad aliens, Saurians (which is a race of aliens from the Star Trek universe.)

At the end of the day, I’m not here to judge any one for their beliefs or non beliefs. I, personally more closely align, to the punk band NOFX’s, “I believe in Goddess” than any other major belief but that’s just me. So travel over to Angels Heaven and get acquainted with Ashtar. Sounds like a pretty good guy. Or alien.

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7 thoughts on “Shadow Net Series 5: Bringers of the Dawn or How I learned How To Become A Reptilian

  1. Do you know any documentaries about this Ashtar Sheran cult? I was looking for one on YouTube, my fiance and I sometimes like to watch these for laughs.

    But I couldn’t find any on this topic, only some vlogs from “believers”.

    1. I don’t actually. I’d love to see one though. There may be more information on a Wikipedia page for Ashtar Sheran. I originally ran this article on my old site years ago so I have lost most of my notes on it. Interesting stuff though!

  2. There was some cult in Japan that paid an anime studio to animate their doctrine . Not sure where you can watch but I saw something on Youtube . The clips they showed looked insane though.

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