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Forgotten Madden classics

Now with the NFL season finished, football fans and gamers alike look to the future both towards free agency, the draft and the next Madden installment. With EA TRAX turning twenty this year I’ve decided to showcase some of the best and brightest (if not a bit obscure, in some cases) tracks of the past twenty years.

Nu Metal Clashes With Emo Era

Madden 2003

Madden 2004

Madden 2005

Mascara On The Radio Era

Madden 2006

Madden 2007

Madden 2008

Madden 2009

Classic Rock Era

Madden 2010

Madden 2011

Madden 2012

Madden 2015

Pop & Hip Hop Era

Madden 2016

Madden 2017

Madden 2018

So why did I do this?

Well, some of you know that I have a love for the Madden Franchise. Particularly Madden games from 2004-2009. Part of that is my absolute love of the soundtracks. Madden 2004 may have the strongest soundtrack of any Football game ever made. But it’s Madden 2007 that has my absolute favorite Madden song and it’s literally impossible to find in North America. With the exception of a YouTube version of the song, Cord’s, “Go Either Way” is a ghost. It’s not on Spotify or Apple Music. I can only find it from UK vendors on eBay with insane shipping costs and the band has vanished into thin air.

So, needless to say if anyone knows where I could find more Cord music, please comment or email me. Or if this cd is sitting at the bottom of your dusty old cd collection – let me know. Maybe we can arrange something.

With that said, I think EA TRAX have always been a reflection of our popular culture throughout the years for better or worse. The shifting of popular genres and tastes. It’s certainly worth noting that nothing brings different backgrounds and cultures together more than music and sports. Mutual love brings mutual respect.

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