Rogue Ops

A poorly marketed stealth based action game.

Nikki Conners is a retired Green Beret when her husband and daughter are killed in a car bombing while vacationing in Istanbul. After their deaths, Nikki is contacted by Phoenix – a counter terrorist organization that her husband secretly worked for. With the promise of revenge they recruit her into a rigorous two years training process.

Nikki Conners

They inform her that her family was killed as an act of revenge by the terrorist group, Omega-19. They are a bunch of ex-Soviets and fringe nationalists that have acquired a weapon of mass destruction, “The Cold Bringer” and plan on unleashing it on America.

Despite its unbelievably dumb name, “The Cold Bringer” is to be taken seriously. It is a devastating electromagnetic bomb that would essentially knock the entire United States offline. Like a modern day cyber attack, but way more obvious. So, the entire operation acts as a revenge-but-still-saving-the-world-trope.

To be honest, I am astonished that I have retained that much detail from this dumb fucking game’s plot. It’s overstated, completely predictable and boring from the get-go and worse still, the gameplay does not fare much better.

I have read that the game suffered from lack of marketing and what marketing was done tossed it into the same arena as stealth heavyweights like, Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. Also, that the publisher relied too heavily on the, “sex appeal” of its female protagonist as a selling point.

But it’s hard to have a sexy protagonist when they are so poorly constructed. I have met McDonald’s bags with more zest. It’s also hard to give a fuck about the ending result of a game when you’re fighting to stay awake while playing it. Worse yet, is as bad as this game is the first seven hours the last hour is just complete nonsense. A banana could have written a better ending than whatever happened here.

Rather than the game suffering from a lack of promotion, I believe the publisher realized early on that there was nothing here worthwhile to be proud of.

Overall: 63%

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