Shadow Net Series 6: Stars Above, Rats Below.

An Angelfire website acts as a doorway into a labyrinth of site hopping, Greek goddesses and spirit writing.

Originally posted by the burner account Lord-of-flames on Reddit (the account only posted five total comments on the site and all were pushing this exact website) the Angelfire address: peaked my interest. 

Almost immediately upon arrival users are met with odd mixtures of languages and code. On the front page there is a mix of Tamil, Thai and English eclipsed by a large sad face. 

As you click on the sad face, it distorts more and more leading you further into the website. It says things like “Hello” in Tamil and Thai often. Sometimes telling you to, “Wake up” and even mentions the devil in German. A whole world tour of creepy. If you click, ‘contact’ a short strange video will play featuring a verse from Ezekiel (38:4) which is lovely. If you continue to click on the site will teleport you to a new site altogether where things begin to get even stranger. 

After clicking through tons of vague patterns and strange pages and being asked to download bizarre exe. files along the way (absolutely do not do that) the website sent me over to

Where the pictures and patterns seem more… authentic …. Featuring homemade pictures of dice and little skulls. Pictures of the Greek Goddess, Hecate accompany table of contents with downloadable files and seemingly random gibberish. Almost every web page has at least three to five ways in and out – which will take you to another page with more options or lead you to a password encrypted page. 

There is just so much to see on this site – I’m really not doing it much justice, the way it branches out and loops around like a maze. At one point, there is a page where spiders come out from all corners of the screen and you can click them to kill them all. For reasons way beyond my understanding. 

But after a lot of exploring and clicking most routes led to the password protected document (except one which takes you to another website: and starts it all over) I started thumbing through the table of contents pages and Google searching some phrases. One that stood out and was an instant hit was: “Stars above rats below”. 

That led me to the YouTube channel of user: ghost h. Where he has countless amounts of videos of his practice of automatic or spirit writing. 

What is automatic writing you ask? Well, here ya go: Automatic writing, also called psychography, is a claimed psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing. The words purportedly arise from a subconscious, spiritual, or supernatural source. Wikipedia

Ghost H’s writings are poetic, eerie and deep. And I will provide a link to his YouTube channel if you are interested in checking out more of his work. But that’s where I’m afraid the story ends. Ghost h is just that – a ghost. I tried scouring social media sites for the username with no real evidence that I was even close to our phantom post. Was ghost h the same person as the Reddit user Lord-of-Flames? Maybe. I’m not really sure. The website along with the poetry seem isolated and disconnected yet conterminous; jumping from different mediums, different worlds and different spirits entirely yet remaining in the same eerie expand. Maybe that is the point after all.

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  1. Man, that looks crazy. It’s like one of the puzzle video games that try to mimic “the dark web” but aren’t really anything like the real dark web.

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