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Enter The Matrix

I was born in a pod full of gel and used as a battery for my machine overlords and all I got was Enter The Matrix for the PlayStation 2.

Written and Directed by The Wachowski Sisters, and published by Atari, the 2003 Action Adventure may have been one of the earliest games to fall victim to the video game over-hype machine.

Now, despite the unbearable “… and all I got was this lousy…” joke I actually enjoyed this game, for the most part. Despite it being filled with things that really, are not that enjoyable. I suppose, mimicking the real simulation that there is a 50% chance we already live in.

Let’s go over the simple but main reason this game was one of the earliest victims of the toxic and psychotic hype-machine the gaming industry created and also walks on eggshells around nowadays. People were pissed you couldn’t play as Neo.

The main protagonists and only playable characters in, Enter The Matrix are Niobe and Ghost, played by Jada Pinkett Smith and Anthony Brandon Wong, respectively.

The production level is through the roof, with much of the plot line acting as supplemental story to the film, Matrix Reloaded. The only downside to this is the unbearable load times. Past the point of just being impatient, many old times had me assuming the game just completely froze. Coupled with the game’s incredibly inconsistent and bug riddled soundtrack it had me shutting it off a few times just out of pure frustration.

With that said, however, the voice acting is top notch. The outdated controls take some getting used to (left analog completely controls your character) but once you get it down the action is smooth.

The game after a few hours could be considered tedious as it becomes a basic button smasher but for fans of the franchise, it’s worth a cheap pick up.

Overall: 80% (BRONZE)

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