Records You Should Listen to Before You Perish Vol. 17

The Hives – Tyrannosaurus Hives

Well is it true what they say about it?
They say it’s new but I have to doubt it
And then they tell you everything about it
Had enough
I got some people saying this way
I got some people saying that way
I got some people saying there’s no way
Ain’t it tough
See the idiot walk
See the idiot talk
See the idiot chalk up his name on the blackboard
See the robot walk
See the robot talk
See the robot write up his name on the ballot They say, “this is all I need to get by”
The truth is, baby, it’s a lie

The greatest band of all time gifts the world with their third release and first on a major record label in 2004.

Following the not-so-stunning revelation that Swedish bad guys, The Hives truly were for real after they dropped three nuclear attack chatting singles off their previous album, Veni Vidi Vicious, The Hives doubled down on their attack with their major label follow up.

Faster and even more ferocious than any of their previous efforts, Tyrannosaurus Hives starts off on fire and never slows down. Between Chris “bionic-arm” Dangerous’s drums, the wall of garage guitar attack held by Nicholaus Arson, Vigilante Carlstroem and Dr. Matt Destruction or the screaming truths of Howlin’ Pete Almqvist, The Hives have never sounded tighter or more focused.

They may have helped usher in the Garage Rock revival of the early 2000’s in the states but by 2004 they had thoroughly blown away their contemporaries in sheer speed and bravado. Easily one of the tightest, most pristine rhythm sections in all of 21st Century garage rock, Tyrannosaurus Hives finds the Swedes as locked in as ever.

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Album: Tyrannosaurus Hives

Artist: The Hives

Released: July 20th 2004

Label(s): No Fun, Interscope, Polydor

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  1. I definitely need to listen to. 🎵💜🎶

    1. Filipa! I do hope you enjoy! It’s so nice to hear from you as always. ❤️

      1. Thank you Colin! ❤☀️ I wonder if you had time to read the messages I’ve sent you… Take care!

      2. I’ve had very limited access to my old blog’s email. I can always be reached at his email:

  2. I like The Hives, but I think I’ve listened to more of the Black and White Album than anything else. I did like that one though.

    1. Black and White album is great too. I have yet to be disappointed by any of their records. I’ve been a really big fan since Veni, Vidi Vicious.

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