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Buffalo Retro Turns One

A special thank you to new and old friends.

The past year has flown by and while I can’t say my blogging adventures began with this website in particular, I can safely say that writing here has been the most enjoyable blogging experience I’ve had to this point.

I’d like to say thank you for reading, commenting, donating, sharing, everything.

I’d like to specifically thank my wife, Hope for her encouragement and my best friend , John. Without you two I wouldn’t have the courage to do anything.

Another huge thank you goes out to my friend, Roxie for her infinite encouragement and generosity.

I have been lucky enough to have been embraced by some friends I’ve made on this app, all of which are better writers than I am. So if you can stomach my crap, I highly suggest checking these blogs out:

Thank you:






Red Metal



And many more.

So far the most popular article still is the most controversial, acting as a response to someone who followed me on social media that constantly took issue with anything I would post. Writing it led to me getting cancelled by a group of her friends and free thinkers. I was told to never publish it again. So here it is:

The Socio-Media Victim Paradox

I was never told what would happen had I brought it up again but I’m not too concerned.

The second most popular article so far was published this month. It documented an exchange I had at a local video game store and the opportunist gate keepers of all things retro gaming now. The ones who only see it as a trendy money maker.

Gaming Blews: March 2022

I appreciate all of your comments, likes, shares and everything. I was set on doing this just for myself at the beginning but it’s become more fun over time meeting other bloggers and writers.

Stay safe, have fun and always remember to save before turning your system off.

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