Homegrown: Exham Priory

New segment, Homegrown interviews local artists and musicians from Western New York, Buffalo, Niagara Falls and the rest of the Niagara region.

From Niagara Falls NY, Exham Priory delivers hard-hitting songs, and wildly entertaining performances! Formed in 2015, this 4-piece brings together classic Hard Rock/Metal with the modern era.

When did you form?

The current band, Exham Priory, started getting together around August 2015.

How did you meet?

It started with me, the original guitarist…we’ll call him Lucy, and our drummer Anth. I knew Lucy from the scene. Our old bands had played together, and we were in a band together (From the Ashes). Anth I knew from the old Kozmic Dragon days, and also from the scene. He was in a band with Lucy. He says he remembers seeing me, and thought I was kinda arrogant (I get it), but then realized I’m joking and you can’t take me seriously. Dan joined in last. I’ve known Dan since we were kids. Old Stemm shows at the Cadille Post in Niagara Falls, and growing up in the same neighborhood. We even jammed with a few of the same people back then (we’re talking late 90s/early 2000s). Lucy, Anth and I had been jamming for a bit, and I ran into Dan at a house party, and dragged him out of musical retirement. That seems to be a habit of mine. For our current guitarist, Tom, he actually opened for us at our first show, and we became solid friends over the years.

Dan of Exham Priory

Where are you based out of?

Niagara Falls NY is our official home. However, nowadays the practice house is in the Tonawanda area.

What previous bands have you worked in?

Oh crap…so many. The Fixed, The PyroSexuals, Section 1, Shotgun Funeral, Severed, Lucid Fire, Silent Seven, From the Ashes. Also, solo, a few one-off gigs with Tom from CT Scan, and a ton of bands I’m forgetting.

What inspired your band name?

Exham Priory (pronounced Ex-uhm Pry-or-ee) is from an H.P. Lovecraft story called “Rats in the Walls”. It’s the main building in the story.

Tom from Exham Priory

Major influences?

There’s a lot. But if I really had to narrow it down, let’s go with this list: Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Metallica, and Alice Cooper.

Other influences in your music other than music?

Horror movies, Lovecraft, Tolkien, religion, drugs. Ya know, your everyday experiences! But seriously, a lot of the songs and lyrics pull from religion and a disconnect in faith, use imagery from horror (movies & books), Tolkien and other fantasy writers, dealing with drug addiction and depression.

Anth from Exham Priory

What was your first release?

MY first release was probably a crappy home-recorded cassette with The Fixed back in 1999, followed by a solo album “Crash Landing” in 2003. Exham Priory’s first release was a 3-track EP, “Whispers from the Barrow Downs” (See? Tolkien) in 2016.

Where is it available?

The original EP isn’t available anymore. But, our live acoustic album “Rats…Unplugged”, and studio album “From Darker Tides”, can be found on all streaming services, and special editions on our Bandcamp. Plus other stuff!

The most challenging part of being a musician?

Trying to balance the the passion with real life. There’s your job, family, responsibilities. Things you have to take care of. But there’s always that gnawing feeling in the back of your head wanting to pull you away from all that, and into the music.

And.. the most rewarding part?

The stage. Performing for people, and seeing their faces as they enjoy what’s happening. Hearing them sing along to songs you wrote. Having someone approach you, or contact you, and say how much a song means to them. I think it all comes down to the connection. The connection is the most rewarding part.

Do you have any favorite local musicians past or present?

A. Jamie Holka is a dear friend, and a favorite. Frank Grizanti is another phenomenal player. These are the guys that I learned from. Present, I’m always blown away by Grace Loungen (Grosh) and Ben Juchniewicz (The Scarecrow Show). I hate naming favorites, because I always feel like I’m going to forget someone. But, I’ll give you those.

Nick in all of his glory

Do you have advice for new musicians?

Do whatever feels right. It’s not about popularity, money, or anything like that. It’s not to inflate your ego. In fact, leave the ego at the door. If you’re in it for that, I’ll tell you right now: You’ll fly high on stage. But the moment the lights are off, and you wake up the next morning to go back to the “real job”, prepare for the worst depression ever. Finally, nothing is perfect, nor should it be. Wrap your head around imperfect perfection, and you’ll finally understand a stress-free life of music.

What is your latest release?

We dropped a single, “No Quarter”, on December 30th 2021.

Where is it available?

It’s on every major, and some minor, streaming service out there!

What is your favorite Metallica album?

You’re really going to make me choose?! I’ll give you 2:

All Time: Kill ‘Em All

For Nostalgia: Load

Parting words/shoutouts?

Haha, endings are tough. So, I’ll shout out to everyone that has supported over the years. I’ve made the greatest of friends in this scene. Like, literally almost all of my friends. The years have been a pleasure, and I look forward to many more!

In addition to answering these questions, I ask that you provide 3-5 band pictures either live or promotional shots and your band’s bio and discography. 

Exham Priory Discography:

-Whispers from the Barrow Downs EP (2016)

-Recipe for Belligerency EP (2016)

-On the Battlefield (2017)

-Rats…Unplugged (2017)

-From Darker Tides (2018)

-Another Round (Single) (2018)

-Goddamn (Single) (2019)

-Where’s the Nightmare End? (Acoustic Single) (2020)

-Rise (2021)

-No Quarter (Single) (2021)

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(All photos Courtesy of Meredith Snow/Snowfall Photography 2022)

Thank you, Nick!

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