Shadow Net Series 11: Paranoid Android

Shadow Net Series 11: Tara The Android


YouTube user, Creepyblog uploads it’s only video, the dark and creepy, “I Feel Fantastic”.

Tara The Android:

In 2009 a YouTube user named, Creepyblog quietly uploaded a puzzling, slightly disturbing video. The video features a mannequin dressed up as a woman singing a song.

That doesn’t sound too nefarious, right? Well if you’re already shaking your head because something seems off you’d be one hundred thousand percent correct. For lack of a better description- the video is fucking creepy.

Tara The Android has a synthesized falsetto which is unsettling enough without mentioning the lyrics. The “chorus” (I guess you could call it that?) of the song are the words, “I feel fantastic”. But interspersed inbetween are a lot less catchy feel good things like, “Please Leave” and “Run, Run, Run”.

A woman may have made her but a man surely dressed her.

Even more disturbing than the clip’s home video quality of an Android singing terribly shitty songs in an interior decorator’s nightmare is a random wooded scene that just doesn’t seem to fit at all.

It’d be a great place to build a home on once you clear out all of the Android bones.

So having been in the wild for over eleven years now, the video has over twenty five MILLION views and a TON of speculation surrounds the video itself. After all, one year is equivalent to about two hundred Reddit years.

Theories have speculated from Tara The Android was a failed pop star who killed her creator, to theories that she was sent to space. Others have speculated that her original creator killed a woman and then feeling great remorse tried dressing her corpse back up to reanimate her and convince himself the damage of his deeds wasn’t that bad. Apparently, no one on Earth imagined the other more likely scenario that people are weird and just do weird things. ESPECIALLY on the internet and I FUCKING LOVE IT. That’s my theory, at least.

At the end of the day I will always prefer my falsetto Androids, just a bit paranoid:

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      1. Lol It would take so much digging .I still think one of my favorite creepy videos urban legends was the Fresno night crawlers . Like what were those things

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