Homegrown: EMCEE M.D.

Emcee M.D. is an interesting dude. I have known him for a lot of years and he’s only grown more interesting as time has gone on. He has been involved in Buffalo’s music scene in some capacity or another for about twenty five years. He even gave a sixteen year old yours truly, some of his first shows a long time ago. So yeah, here is another artist I’ve known for a long time.

But often times in, especially in art circles and communities, longevity can be polarizing. In a fiercely personal line of work that many don’t have the stomach for, surviving and thriving in your art is a set of self preserving learned skill. A set of skills that over the years, Emcee M.D. has learned well. Without further ado, faking fanatic and hip hop extraordinaire, Emcee M..D.

Its a very multi-layered thing. In music, getting paid what your worth is tough.

Band name?


When did you form?

Technically, I formed when my mom and dad…well….you know… and 9 months later, I was born. In the music sense though, I started doing music back in 1996, but always liked music in general.

How did you meet?

I am a lone wolf.

Where are you based out of?

I’m a wandering minstrel per say, but Akron NY is my home and coffin.

What previous bands have you worked in?

I was the vocalist in the wonderful amalgamation of musical styles known as Boss Tribal.

What inspired your band name?

So in BOSS Tribal I was known as MADD DOGG, but was sort of given the MC name by Doug White of Watchmen Studios/Makara’s Pen/Fledgling Death …so basically Emcee Madd Dogg through Doug’s thoughts, and I just had it be M.D for short, and it sort of rhymes so yeah. Emcee M.D. is how the name became.

Major influences?

I like all kinds of music, in general my favorite bands are all around the board being metal, punk, swing, etc, but I guess in hip hop my favorites would be Wu-Tang clan, NWA, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Benfit, Kool Keith, and a whole lot more.

Other influences in your music other than music?

I do a lot of video game and board game creation, which I like a lot of video game music. That also seeps into what I do. I also like listening to other cultural music or symphonic stuff, so that also creeps in where there’s sometimes asian folk, indian folk, native american folk and classical influences.

What was your first release?

The first release was called First Strike.

Where is it available?

You can find the album in many stores across the USA. I’m always looking ot get it into more as well. You can also get music online, but in all honesty, buy it from the physical stores or me personally, it helps a lot.

The most challenging part of being a musician?

Its a very multi-layered thing. In music, getting paid what your worth is tough. You need to very much invest in yourself which even if you do, people may not want to pay you what you are worth. As musicians, we make less money than someone flipping burgers at McDonalds. We need to think smart, brand ourselves, and we need to be open to play with each other, whether it be the same genre of music or even sometimes not. We need to show we are worth the promoter and venues worth to get paid, and show we are just as strong as any “big act”.

The most rewarding part?

Getting friends and fans that care. When you get fans that really appreciate you, you make friends, and you make good times happen.

Do you have any favorite local musicians past or present?

I think more or less its preferences before favorites. There are way to many groups to name that I loved. I honestly haven’t heard much since Covid so I’m eager to hear more of everyone’s music.

Do you have advice for new musicians?

Yeah… Do NOT pay to play. Do not give any money to be on a “big national” show. There’s a lot of tours trying to do this, and promoters who try to do this too. You’re 10 to 15 minutes on stage means nothing but money in that acts pocket where you see very little results. If you can spend $500 on an opening slot, instead spend $500 on advertising your own show, with 3 other acts that do the same…that’s $2000 that you can put towards promotion on media where you can get more attention to yourself.

What is your latest release?

The latest release I was on was a cipher called the Villains cipher. However at the moment I have a new album I’m working on right now called e=MCmd (Energize) which will be done in the near future.

Where is it available?

Youtube. I’m 3rd on the track.

What is your favorite Metallica album?

I’m more of a Pantera kind of guy which Great Southern Trend Kill or Far Beyond Driven are my shizz

Parting words/shoutouts?

Lets play some shows together. Find me, Emcee M.D. At my email emceemdofficial@gmail.com and on all social media outlets (Yotube, Tik Tok, Facebook, etc). Hit me up, lets tour and make good things happen.

Emcee MD Facebook

Emcee MD YouTube

Emcee MD Bandcamp

I want to thank Emcee M.D. for doing this and would encourage any other bands or artists reading this to get ahold of me if you’d like to do an interview. You can reach me at any of these links:


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