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Behind The Stream is a new section to the website that will feature Twitch streamers throughout the gaming community. In the past couple of years I have met some very colorful personalities in the gaming community but none are as razor sharp as my good friend, Princess Beow. Please check out her interview below!

Twitch handle: Princess_beow

When did your streaming journey begin? I actually started out making YouTube videos, but after making connections in the gaming community on Instagram, I was encouraged to try streaming – so I did! I do still try to make content for YouTube here and there but I like to primarily focus on Twitch due to the community engagement.

Do you have a type of genre of game you prefer to stream? I consider myself a variety of streamer, but low-budget indie horror games are some of my favorites, as well as some bigger titles too!

Do you have a schedule? I stream every Tuesday and Thursday, but would really like to find more time to stream more.

What was the first game you streamed? My first ever stream was actually Resident Evil 4 on PlayStation 4. I thought I’d try the streaming function on the console. Someone asked if it was my first time ever playing (it wasn’t…) and I was so embarrassed I shut it down right away! My first *actual* stream, though, was on the PC playing a game called Song of Horror. Aaaaand I didn’t have any game audio the ENTIRE TIME! 

Do you have other streaming partners? I don’t co-stream with anyone per se, but many of the friends I play with also stream. Catch me nearly every Tuesday playing with my bestie Pieflavah, as well as other times with my gaming partners: ThisAintLookinTooGood, TheNoGoodGame, KateFearGaming, Flock of Idiots, 5PotatoCats, CrispEclair, and The Daneish!

What is the most outlandish thing that has happened to you while streaming or while you were watching someone stream? Something outlandish happens nearly every time I stream. My channel is built on absurdity. I will say that my series of streams in October (CosTober) where I dressed as my different friends in the streaming community led to some really fun shenanigans! Costume streams are fun but a LOT of work, but it’s something I’d really like to incorporate more. I will also say that Jim’s (TheNoGoodGame) streams every Saturday evening (Sunday for the other Aussies out there) lead to some peak insanity, if that’s your thing!

What is your ideal Twitch community? I love supporting my friends and fellow Twitch streamers by hopping into their streams when I can and hope the rest of the community is the same! Mutual support and strong connections are the backbone of a strong community, I’ve found.

What do you want to see in your Twitch community? I wish to see active, engaged members with a great sense of humor and a high tolerance for absolute degenerate nonsense.

What do you think is unique about your streams? I have a raunchy sense of humor (my stream is definitely 18+) and I don’t take myself or gaming too seriously. Whether I’m wearing a costume or playing the ocarina poorly, there’s something you won’t see everyday.

What would you tell a brand new streamer or wish that someone told you when you were first starting out? I hope that new streamers know not to sweat the numbers; it can be disheartening at times to see you’re maybe only streaming for one person sometimes, or that all of your viewers are lurking and not chatting. Maybe you only have a handful of followers. It’s okay, we all start somewhere! My best advice is to put yourself out there: social media, Discord groups, even other Twitch streams (note: many streamers aren’t cool with self-promotion in their chats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make friends and connections!). Just focus on being engaging and making your stream as good as it can be. Make sure your quality is good, and be receptive to feedback or suggestions for improvement. Also note that no matter your setup, you WILL have technical issues sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up over it when it does happen!

What is rewarding about streaming? There’s a very social aspect to streaming that you may not expect when you’re basically talking to yourself on mic/camera. Unlike making videos and uploading them to other platforms, you’re getting instant social interaction and feedback, and it’s really cool to feel like you’re playing games (or crafting, creating music, etc.) with lots of other people in the room. It’s also really fun to see how people react to the content you create and when they find ways to interact directly with your streams through sound alerts, stickers, Twitch-integrated games, etc.

Shoutouts/Parting words of wisdom? Shoutout to my boy 🦬 for his hard-hitting journalism and impeccable taste in friends!

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Also a massive, special shout-out to Princess_Beow for helping me develop this interview template- my sister from another mister and biggest Tucson Roadrunners fan on Earth.

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