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I have had the privilege of knowing DearestAbby since some of my earliest days blogging and residing online. She always goes above and beyond to support and encourage those around her and it’s hard not to get caught up in her contagious sense of humor and good nature. I want to extend a personal thank you to her for taking time out of her schedule to do this interview.

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When did your streaming journey begin?

I began streaming and playing arcade games competitively in 2019.

Do you have a type of genre of game you prefer to stream?

Retro, more specifically 1981 arcade Donkey Kong .

Do you have a schedule?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 PM CST

What was the first game you streamed?

I used to stream PSVR BeatSaber. Once I began playing competitively, I would stream arcade games like Ms. Pac-Man, Bank Panic, and eventually Donkey Kong.

Do you have other streaming partners?

– On the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month, I co-host the Anime & Chill Podcast with @iamdjgamer on his channel.

What is the most outlandish thing that has happened to you while streaming or while you were watching someone stream?

Getting a Personal Best in Donkey Kong is always a rush, I’ve definitely cried on camera after achieving a new high score.

What is your ideal Twitch community?

I’m going to give this question two answers.

1) My ideal version of Twitch (as a community) would not be so money-hungry or stats-driven. Quality > quantity – there’s so many small streamers struggling to gain an audience because they don’t have enough views/subs/watch-time, etc. I think people that “do the work” deserve the recognition and sadly, without making it about money, the work goes unrecognized.

2) My ideal Twitch community (as in my audience) is incredible the way it is now. I have followers that are *far* better Kong players than me that teach me how to improve my game. I have followers that have never played Kong and enjoy just watching me play. I even have followers that I’ve met through social media that come visit my stream just to enjoy the company. My Royal Kingdom is wonderful and I’m thankful for each and every person.

What do you want to see in your Twitch community?

I’d love to see more of my community play Donkey Kong! It makes me so happy when someone sends me a picture of their score or a DK cabinet they saw at their local arcade.

What makes your stream unique?

Each of my Donkey Kong practice runs streams directly from my arcade cabinet, I’m not emulating the games. Additionally, I’m one of the top five female Kong players worldwide. I guess you can say I take it pretty seriously.

What would you tell a brand new streamer or wish that someone told you when you were first starting out?

Play something that you enjoy, do not limit yourself to what is popular.

What is rewarding about streaming?

Streaming is rewarding when you begin to see familiar “faces” in chat. Knowing that people choose to come back and visit with you, stream after stream is one of the best feelings.

Parting words/ shout outs?

First and foremost, thanks to you (Buffalo) for allowing me to participate in this interview. Second, if someone out there is thinking about becoming a streamer – go for it! The sky’s the limit! Lastly – from the bottom of my heart, from my Kingdom to yours, I love you and I hope you have a fabulous day! <3

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Also a massive, special shout-out to Princess_Beow for helping me develop this interview template- my sister from another mister and biggest Tucson Roadrunners fan on Earth.

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