Shadow Net Series 13: The Language of the Vampyr

A tip from a reader leads to a speculative darkness not yet known and a puzzle so unbreakable its hard to imagine that its human at all.

Author’s note: I am an idiot. I refuse to pretend like I am some highly educated, intellectual breaking codes and investigating high profile mysteries with tact or grace. I’m pretty much about as subtle as a bull in a China shop – and I’m also in love with hyperbole. It’s kind of my thing. What can ya do?

Anyways with all of that out of the way. Let me introduce you to

This website and the speculation around this website have been running in message boards and dark corners of the internet for over a decade now. Officially making this internet mystery nearly a billion “internet years” old.

Looks like a soup some sort of alien into Anthony Bourdain would cook up.

July 11th 2013 at 7:26 a.m. on the user Kantzveldt makes a bold claim:

“There is a Vampiric group that appear to have quite extraordinary linguistic skills, i’ll try and outline their activities and interests, though this is difficult as they write in languages that are extinct from around the world or otherwise completely unknown, an example of the difficulties involved;”

This, as you would assume captured a lot of independent investigators attention, who wasted no time digging in to this new found mystery. As to not take away from the creative and brilliant people and LITERALLY A DECADE OF WORK if you are interested you should follow this link right now:

There you can find a ton of resources, theories and more speculation than you can shake a stick at.

As for me… well I have spent the better half of two weeks backpacking around web archives, Reddit, back pages of Google and YouTube looking for something that doesn’t seem to exist. After applying every known cipher I could find and not coming any closer to breaking the language’s code I am left feeling like a less successful, Thomas A. Anderson. Looking for a truth that simply does not want to be found. At least not by the likes of me.

According to the message boards at Above Top Secret and seemingly older posts on the actual ForgottenLanguages website itself, it seems as though an elite group of linguists, mathematicians and other intellectuals have developed a software that combines existing languages with extinct languages and mixes them all up. The software itself is said to be called, “Nodespaces Ver 2.0”

Now you may ask – what kind of maniacs would develop software that creates new languages, then use it openly on the web for anyone to see it but doesn’t allow anyone access to the software itself? For that I have no answer. Humanoids? vampires? People with way too much time on their hands? Could be anybody, really. Is it important? Probably not.

There does seem to be one stand out as to the identity of the group itself and that is self proclaimed leader of the group, Ayndryl Reganah. Ayndryl has even (purportedly) participated in a YouTube interview with Cult Interviews which you can access here:

It’s pretty dull to be honest. Some person with a masked voice talking about hearing colors and experiencing sounds and all that typical Steve Jobs mystique bullshit. And maybe Ayndryl is a super genius- I know they are definitely smarter than me but somebody has to let the super geniuses of the world know that they have to change up the playbook. It’s 2022. You’re going to have to up the ‘wow factor’. You don’t want to get lost in the sea of all the other super geniuses. You deserve better. You know it, Ayndryl, as do I.

So what’s up with the stupid blog title? Volume 1… ect? Well that’s because I just feel as though I’m peering into a dark room that I know someone is in but they’re behind the door staring at me. After spending enough time with these articles and videos it seems that even after you’re done with ForgottenLanguages, ForgottenLanguages isn’t done with you.

And if you ever read this Ayndryl and are interested in “Pizzaz” lessons then shoot me an email! I’d love to talk!

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As this article was originally published under a different site back in 2020 I did actually receive a follow up email from, Ayndryl or someone claiming to be them.

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