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Antz Extreme Racing

Hard to write about a game that seemed over before it started.

Before I begin I must admit, that I have not seen the Antz movie since it came out almost twenty five (25!?!?) years ago. In fact, I forgot about it. My daughter likes watching, A Bug’s Life on Disney+ so I saw bugs with faces racing other bugs and at first assumed this was based on the film. It wasn’t. But you couldn’t tell either way.

With the exception of the main characters, Z and Bala looking different the main protagonists in A Bug’s Life, Flik and Atta, you’d really have no idea that this wasn’t a game based on any movie that has ever been made about bugs.

For starters, there is next to no storyline, background, voice acting. Next to nothing but eight race tracks to race against four other characters. Each race takes about three minutes to complete start to finish and you move on.

The game takes about an hour to finish. Sure, you can start over after you finish the races with, Z and do them all over with Bala or Azteca to earn another hidden character but by then, you’ve had enough. You get the point of the game very early on and it’s not a very fun one.

You don’t deserve that trophy.

I have always found it to be a red flag in games, when the soundtrack is one continuous song, that never changes between menu screens and gameplay. I’m not even sure what that’s called considering I have absolutely no know-how, myself. Maybe it’s just a continuous coding thing? I’m not sure but it always feels cheap.

The only thing remotely interesting about this game was reading about the release of both bug films and the drama and real life rivalries it created between Dreamworks and Disney.

Either way, this article has literally taken longer to write than the game took to beat. Which is sad. I think I found it for like $2.99 at the local flea market. Save your $3 unless you’re an absolute idiot like me.

Overall: 50%

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