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Variety streamer is a term that comes up often. Most gamers on Twitch and YouTube refer to themselves as variety streamers, a sort of all encompassing blanket to allow themselves not to be pigeonholed into one specific genre. But typically, with most streamers, you seem them fall into their gaming habits. Playing the games they are most comfortable with, often the same few titles. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but playing the same couple of games does stretch the term, “variety streamer” a bit.

Breakingcontrollersdotcom is not one of those streamers. In fact, he prides himself on the variety of games he will stream. It’s something I can get behind, as well. If you have followed the site for some time, you know I have no set genres or games I stick to either.

Just looking at what he has streamed this past week shows just a little of his variety – Loot River, Split Gate, No Man’s Sky, Dead Space 1, Rocket League ect. He’s all over the place and I can definitely respect that.

Also because Twitch is a pain in the ass it won’t let me embed the clips of his streams in the article but I highly suggest watching them as they are all hilarious and made me laugh out loud.

Thank you for doing this, breakingcontrollersdotcom!

Twitch handle:


When did your streaming journey begin?

January 2021

Do you have a type of genre of game you prefer to stream?

I legitimately stream every genre

Do you have a schedule?

My weekly schedules are posted to my social media accounts usually monday night, as my work schedule is not consistent. (I’ll provide examples)

What was the first game you streamed?

It had to have been Rocket League. I was playing A LOT when I first started.

Do you have other streaming partners?

Not specifically. To be honest, I wish I did but I think since I don’t consistently play any specific game it makes it a bit hard to stream with others consistently.

What is the most outlandish thing that has happened to you while streaming or while you were watching someone stream?

Nothing too outlandish usually goes on other than innuendos that turn into clips on D&D stream nights.


What is your ideal Twitch community?

I’m not sure if this means Twitch as a whole, but I think a community where your bigger twitch channels are held to the same standard as everyone else would be a start. The platform is already a slog for new and small streamers, without watching some of the big boys/gals do shit that’s blatantly against TOS, and Twitch turns a blind eye. It also sets a terrible example when people are saying phobic and sexist stuff and nothing happens.

What do you want to see in your Twitch community?

Just a bunch nerds getting along who are welcoming to new gamers, aren’t gatekeeping the games they love, and treat each other with respect. No place for any “phobic” bullshit in my streams.

What makes your stream unique?

Probably the true variety to be honest. I believe in the last months worth of streams I’ve streamed somewhere between 15-16 different games. I know a lot of people say “variety” streamer, and then kind of stick to one category. Like a variety of horror, or fps, or rpg, I legitimately do everything.

Just some examples of his different selections of games

What would you tell a brand new streamer or wish that someone told you when you were first starting out?

Since I never did this, and really wish I had, create a discord as early as possible into your streaming journey. Use it to create a consistent community and a safe place for your community to hang out in.

What is rewarding about streaming? Interacting with other people, and gaining new friends to play with. If you end up in my stream, feel free to talk to me in chat, I am always watching the chat window just waiting to bullshit with someone.

Parting words/ shout outs?

You know, I will shout someone out. is a friend I met through Xbox Live, who I’ve been gaming with for like 16 years now. She started streaming recently, and just hit affiliate in the last month. We’re both hyped as hell for the Evil Dead game coming out.

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