Sky Odyssey

A game ahead of its time.

A long time ago when the PlayStation 2 was still the latest Playstation out on the market, I came across a peculiar budget title.

The game box itself could go either way. I’ve judged many a-game accurately just from its cover box but this one didn’t lean in any particular direction.

It said some stuff about adrenaline and exciting adventures. I, shrugged and decided why not. As a precursor for my love for flying titles twenty years later, I decided to take a chance and purchased, Sky Odyssey.

And I hated it.

I must confess, that my taste in games in my teens was a bit more on the violent side and less of the family-oriented, “adventure of a lifetime” aerial exploration game nature. But it wasn’t the fact you didn’t get to gun anyone down, or blow up any communist, enemy jet fighters, that put the game off for me. It was simply that I didn’t understand (or necessarily have a need) for a casual gaming experience yet.

Life hadn’t beat the fuck out of me enough for me to capable of appreciating such a relaxing, quiet and challenging experience.

If you follow me on social media, I have some games I constantly praise and others I unfairly pound. SO belongs to the latter, not because it’s not a good game, it is a really good game. But mainly just because it’s fun to trash. A mainly forgotten title that has a ridiculously steep learning curve. It’s main criticism when it was released new back in 2000. It was a difficulty level that turned off the few gamers that were interested in a completely PG gaming experience.

The games visuals took a lashing in the review magazines at that time but I really don’t think they have aged that poorly. I’ve seen prettier games but it’s easy enough to look past. Also, the soundtrack although pretty light keeps things interesting with a powerful score composed by Kow Ōtani (Shadow of the Colossus).

All in all, a lovely and challenging game, whose minimal detail adds to the mysterious setting and provides games with a Myst with wings type experience.


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