My one true love.

There is happiness and there is Jeopardy!

There is pleasure and there is Jeopardy!

One word might not always mean the other but Jeopardy! for the PlayStation 2 means both words and more. For it is one of the most satisfying experiences you can ever treat yourself to.

If you are a fan of the show it’s a must buy. I am a huge fan of the show and confidently belt out incorrect answers almost every single question. Now, with Jeopardy! I don’t have to risk annoying the shit out of my wife while I do it and risking my marriage.

The premise, just like the show is simple, answer some fucking questions faster than other people, win some money, boast about your intelligence, run around the block naked screaming, “I am the champion”, get arrested, tell the cops that you are the Jeopardy! champion and be released scot-free.

I really haven’t played very many trivia games for the PlayStation 2 but I really don’t have to. I’ve played this and the Friends trivia game and this one doesn’t remind you of how sad, lonely or drunk you are while you play it. For that, it scores exceptionally well.

For fanatics of the hit TV show and literally no one else. Don’t buy this if you’re A.) Dumb or B.) Hate Jeopardy!/ a tasteless freak.


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