Homegrown: RAM!

Classic pop revivalists, RAM! charge the local scene.

The guys from RAM! have been pretty busy finishing up recording their fantastic sophomore release, “Everest to the Mariana’s Trench”. The hustle and bustle of an album release made getting ahold of them difficult for a time but after the album’s release party this past weekend (6/18/22) – and me getting to spend time with it – it’s became obvious to me that getting to chat with the band has been well worth the wait.

Everest to the Mariana’s Trench is a breath of fresh air in a city so filled to the brim with Metal acts. A classic pop revivalist album, polished so squeaky clean you could eat off it. Drawing heavy influences from Paul McCartney and The Beach Boys (specifically, Pet Sounds) the young trio blend together comfortable dream pop harmonies with uncharted territory, flirting with psychedelica throughout their fever dream jam sessions, solos and piano pieces.

The pop sensibility the band exercises with ease and it’s deep knowledge of an often forgotten era of pop gold can carry this group very far and I’m very excited to hear what is next for the group. But before that, here is a brief interview with the group. This is Homegrown, interviewing a new and possible guiding light in Buffalo’s blossoming pop scene.

When did you form?

May 2020

How did you meet?

We are cousins, we grew up together.

Where are you based out of?

Buffalo, NY.

What previous bands have you worked in?


What inspired your band name?

Paul McCartney’s solo album titled “Ram”.

Major influences?

The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Prince

Other influences in your music other than music?

Steve Jobs

What was your first release?

I Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself / Angel Face Single on June 18th, 2021

Where is it available?

On all streaming platforms, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc…

The most challenging part of being a musician?

Getting people to listen to your music.

The most rewarding part?

When people listen to your music.

Do you have any favorite local musicians past or present?


Do you have advice for new musicians?

Write your own music.

What is your latest release?

Our second album titled “Everest to the Mariana Trench”

Where is it available?

On all streaming platforms, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc…

What is your favorite Metallica album?

Ride the Lightning

Parting words/shoutouts?

Paul McCartney is the best songwriter to ever live, try to change my mind, you won’t.


If there is any band that is chasing the ultimate sounds in rock and pop history, it’s this Buffalo threesome known as RAM! A family band comprised of Alexander Couturier, Justin McKernan, and Jacob McKernan. Their influences span from The Beatles, to the deep rock roots of the seventies, to what is next in music. Their projects are nothing short of diverse with acoustic numbers, to heavy experimental dance rock, to familiar sounds of the past and present. RAM! Looks to take on the Buffalo music scene with an aggressive approach of releasing material and playing many shows.



  1. I Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself / Angle Face
  2. Western New York / Raise Your Sabres
  3. Venus Cries (Single Edit) / Young Robin
  4. Momma’s Pets / Popped Collar Boys
  5. She’s Like the Sun / Expedition Andromeda

To follow RAM! on social media please visit:

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