Jackass: The Game

The Jackass boys stayed true to brand with this poop and puke filled party game.

Jeff, the producer of the show, Jackass is out and with MTV breathing down his neck he employees you to capture the death defying and grotesque stunts the boys are doing to stay on the air. A collection of over-the-top cut scenes and a collection of mini games each episode in “MTV Story Mode” has a set of five stunts with 3-5 goals that need to be executed each stunt.

Each episode you unlock another member of the crew with a an amusing cut scene. The gang is pretty much all here with the exception of Bam Margera (who was already under contract with Activision in Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground). Each actor provided his own likeness and did the voice work and even suggested some of the stunts in the game to the development team based on unused stunts from the show giving it a very authentic feel.

Crudely drawn plans adorn each load screen

The mini games are simple and fun – there obviously is no real brain teasers or complicated puzzles to figure out. The challenges range from the disgusting (making Wee Man eat raw eggs and try to fill buckets with vomit) to extreme (Johnny Knoxville rolling down the hills of San Francisco in a trash can).

And of course Party Boy.

The soundtrack is great, old school punk mixed with hard rock provided by The Datsuns, CkY and The Vandals along with the Minutemen’s iconic guitar that became the Jackass theme song.

Granted, my expectations were not incredibly high. But I was pleasantly surprised with how fun the mini game selection was. The games are short and it doesn’t take many tries to be able to successfully complete a task but it takes multiple times and can become very challenging fast for completionists to earn all of the extras, cutscenes, outfits and characters. Which certainly increases it’s replay ability.

Once you complete enough goals ($30,000 each) you will, “pay off” an episode and are allowed to move on to the next one.

My one major gripe with the game is even though I love the soundtrack – the game will only play one song per challenge. Meaning if you get stuck restarting a challenge over and over again for a half an hour straight – you’re going to be listening to the same song that entire time and some of these songs are VERY obnoxious (I mean, it’s Jackass – of course it’s obnoxious.)

A great time for old school fans of the show that’ll have you chuckle and roll your eyes throughout.

Overall: 81# (BRONZE)

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  1. Huh, figured this game would be another piece of MTV trash. Happy to hear it really isn’t half bad!

    1. I definitely went in with super low expectations so that could be why I was so pleased lol

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