ATV Offroad Fury

A fantastic racing series kicks off with big air and even bigger early 2000’s jams

So admittedly this website has not had a lot of luck with racing games so far. For every fantastic one (SSX) there has been several really, really bad ones i.e. Antz eXtreme Racing, American Chopper and the greatest game ever known. But today the clouds have parted and the video game Gods have smiled upon thee gifting me with ATV Offroad Fury. A blast of dirt, grit and addictive fun that’ll have you struggling for the best line for hours.

One of the first things you begin to realize about ATV racing is that it is rarely about actual speed. Consistency is the most crucial aspect and an absolute must for keeping up with the four other racers throughout your pro career. Staying consistent while driving at a high level for over five minutes is a white knuckle experience and the developers managed to successfully transfer some of that energy over for the game.

The modes are basically Pro Career or Freestyle. Freestyle offers a free ride mode to drive around and practice tricks and jumps on. Pro Career is a brutal gauntlet of all race courses (outdoor and stadium) that you have to at least finish in first or second place to advance. The key to winning most of these races is your pre race tune up settings.

Expect to stare at this screen for awhile.

While I do enjoy the customization the game offers, they could have probably thrown the gamers a bit of a bone here and there. You have to literally get your ass handed to you at-least a few times every race befor you even begin to have an idea on what adjustments you should make. Another issue I have with this system is that it requires you to quit the race altogether and go back to the main menu screen to even access your, “garage”. I feel like they could have streamlined that entire process much more neatly. But even that is a small complaint in the grand scheme of things.

The soundtrack is very good – although repetitive- it does allow you an option to change the song (as the same song tends to play over and over as you fail for an hour straight on a course) but it’s your nice mixture of Nu Metal, Hard Rock and Electronic Rock that was so popular in the early 2000’s.

Altogether a very fun, smooth racer that lays the groundwork for an addictive series.

Overall: 91% (Gold)

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